Fashion Mistakes That Could Be Making You Look… Older!!

Fashion Mistakes That Could Be Making You Look… Older!!
So you take great care of yourself, you would like to believe that you’re fairly fit and you’re pretty up-to-date with fashion trends. But you might unknowingly be committing a few sartorial sins that will instantly age you. We tell you some fashion mistakes you could be a victim of that are making you look older, and how you can fix them. You’re in the prime of your life, you definitely want to look it!

1. Ill-Fitting Bras

1 fashion mistakes that make you look older

Nothing you wear is going to look good if your girls aren’t well-supported. You’ll be surprised to know how many women wear the wrong bra size. Did you know the breast size can fluctuate with hormonal changes and weight loss/ gain? A wrong fit can lead to sagginess. It’s best if you get yourself measured by a bra advisory expert in any lingerie department every now and then. A bra that fits you perfectly can do wonders for your appearance.  

POPxo Tip: Read this to know if your bra size has changed.  

2. Going Overboard With The Black

2 fashion mistakes that make you look older

Black is everyone’s go-to when they’re not sure what to wear and for a slimmer silhouette and a trim appearance, but too much black can be a bad thing. Your skin pales as you age and wearing black creates a harsh contrast with your skin. It can emphasize not just wrinkles and lines, which you don’t have to worry about yet, but also highlight dark shadows and under eye circles which will make you look older. Add a pop of colour to your outfit with a bright accessory or wear more jewel tones like emerald green and ruby red which are flatter most skin tones.  

POPxo Tip: This cold-shoulder dress is flattering and young.

3. Wearing Loose/ Shapeless Clothing

3 fashion mistakes that make you look older

There are days when we feel bloated and pick baggy, ill-fitting clothes like loose kurtis, extra long tops or frumpy jackets. You forget that it’s not about hiding your shape but about dressing right for your shape. Also, clothing technology has come a long way with shaping elements like tummy control hosiery and spanx body shapers. Don’t be ashamed about it, buy yourself a gorgeous dress and feel your confidence boost with some shaping innerwear. In fact, several celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian swear by spanx, so why shouldn’t you?

POPxo Tip: This tummy control waist cincher from Marks and Spencer is a godsend.

4. You Need To Swap Your Frames

4 fashion mistakes that make you look older

No matter what you wear, nothing screams old as much as a granny pair of rimless glasses. Instead, embrace the sexy geek chic trend and get thicker, cooler frames instead of your rimless ones and pair them with red lips to be a sexy specsy.

POPxo Tip: Score some chic frames from

5. Your Shoes Get Too Sensible

5 fashion mistakes that make you look older

You probably hate teetering in towering heels and instead favour kitten heels that are way comfier. Some of you may have even given up heels all together.  Why don’t you give stilettos that are mid-length a chance? They improve posture and have a slimming effect. Block heels are also so on-trend and give you plenty of support and are much easier to walk in. Also, there’s nothing wrong in wearing flats - you can never have too many stylish sandals, flatforms and cute ballerinas. And sneakers are another way to add a youthful vibe to your style, plus they’re so comfortable!

POPxo Tip: You can’t go wrong with these cute block heels in black or nude.  

6. Your Hemlines Are All Wrong

6 fashion mistakes that make you look older

Wearing the wrong hemline can ruin your look without you even realizing it. A good technique to find the right length for your body is to find the slimmest part of your leg around the knee, either below it or above it, and find a hemline for that length to flatter you most. Otherwise, sexy pencil skirts that accentuate your curves and chic midi skirts should definitely find their way to your closet.

POPxo Tip: A black pencil skirt is flattering, fashion-forward and will turn you into a sexy siren.

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