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7 Classic Fashion Pieces To Invest In By The Time You’re 25!

7 Classic Fashion Pieces To Invest In By The Time You’re 25!

Girls, however much we love experimenting with our style and keeping up with trends and fads, there are certain fashion pieces that we should definitely invest in. These key pieces are worth the splurge and will stay with you for a long, long time. By the time you hit your mid-twenties you definitely need some quality, smart buys in your wardrobe. We give you some essential fashion investments every girl should make by the time she’s 25. These will ensure you look stylish, sophisticated and always well put-together.

1. A Never-Go-Out-Of-Style Bag

1 fashion investments every girl should make Every girl deserves one designer handbag, and it’s always smarter to invest your money in a classic piece. Do some research on brands and styles to help you zero in on a bag that will last you forever. It’s wise to pick a neutral shade too so you can wear it with anything, anytime and anywhere. POPxo Loves: Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Tote (Rs 18,000 approx.)

2. Jewellery You Can Wear All The Time

2 fashion investments every girl should make Nothing over the top, but a delicate piece that you can wear daily. Diamond studs, a dainty bracelet or a subtle but pretty ring. It will help you look more polished and can even serve as a future heirloom. POPxo Loves: Caratlane Tia Spangle Stud Earrings (Rs 14,341)

3. A Classic Shoe

3 fashion investments every girl should make Not all of us can shell out thousands of rupees on Jimmy Choos, especially on a pair that we wouldn’t wear too much. Instead, spend your money on a classic pump or great flats that are versatile, timeless and comfortable. Black or nude are colours that you can wear with any outfit. These will be your go-to shoes and will definitely be worth the splurge. POPxo Loves: Steve Madden Proto 2 in Black Leather (Rs 6,660)

4. A Beautiful Timepiece

4 fashion investments every girl should make Spend your money on a beautiful watch that will last you a lifetime. It’s definitely worth saving up for.
POPxo Loves: Marc Jacobs Amy Crystal Bracelet Watch (Rs. 13,455)

5.  A Timeless Blazer

5 fashion investments every girl should make Whether you work in a creative field, a corporate or you have your own thing going, you definitely need one classic blazer. A well-fitted blazer can seriously notch up any outfit. It’ll definitely come to your rescue for important job interviews and dressy occasions. Throw it on top of anything to instantly smarten up any outfit with some I-mean-business style! POPxo Loves: Zara Basic Blazer (Rs 2,490)

6. Quality Bras

6 fashion investments every girl should make Girls, we’re not in our teens anymore. It’s time to put more thought into your bras, they need to be perfectly fitted and of good quality to help support your twins well. It’s all right to shell out a bit more on quality for the general health of your ta-tas. POPxo Loves: Marks & Spencer's 2 Pack Non-Wired T-shirt Bra (Rs 1,584)

7. A Personal Scent

7 fashion investments every girl should make A woman should have a signature scent. Pick one that is sexy and sweet but not too overpowering and one that matches your personality best. There’s just something so sophisticated and fabulous about someone who smells great all the time! POPxo Loves: Daisy by Marc Jacobs (Rs. 4,700 for 50ml, available at any Marc Jacobs outlet)
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Published on Jun 4, 2016
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