6 Ways To Use Kaleeras To Make Your Wedding Look Prettier!

6 Ways To Use Kaleeras To Make Your Wedding Look Prettier!
You can often spot a Punjabi bride wearing the traditional kaleeras. They are part of a super cute custom in which all the unmarried girls of the bridal party are made to sit down in a line. The bride then walks behind them, shaking her kaleeras and the first person it drops on is said to get married next! Sweet na?! But now kaleeras are more than just a part of wedding rituals. It’s as if everyone has taken a fancy to this accessory and are using it at their weddings in more ways than one. Check out these 6 new fabulous ways to use kaleeras in your decor!

1. A magical entry

kaleera in your decor 1

Wreaths of flowers and kaleeras lined the entrance to this super colourful mehendi. Shades of gorgeous pink flowers with a hint of green make for such a cute summer wedding decor. Adding the charm to this lovely entry are pretty kaleera strings.

Image: Devika Narain on Instagram

2. Phoolon ki chadar

2 kaleera in your decor

Nimrat Kaur and her sister make for such a pretty picture at the wedding! We love how they’ve used kaleeras in the phoolon ki chadar. While walking down to her Mr Right, Nimrat’s sister had her brothers holding a beautiful phulkari dupatta over her head. And they had kaleeras stitched onto it. How pretty!

Image: Rashmeet Kaur on Instagram

3. Such a stunning mandap

3 kaleera in your decor

Are you too just as much in love with this as I am?! A beautiful mandap with jasmine strings, a jaali of candles and super pretty kaleera arches...this mandap is oh so gorgeous!

Image: Rani Pink Love on Instagram


4. Do up the photo prop!

4 kaleera in your decor

Rickshaws as photo props is such a rage these days and a great way to do them up is with kaleeras and our all time favourite genda phool. Not only does it look great in pictures but it’s also such an easy thing to do!  

Image: Cupcake Productions on Instagram

5. The simple yet effective style

5 kaleera in your decor

For an outdoor shaadi function, just hang pretty kaleeras from the trees. Spotlight them with some soft yellow light and the effect will be just magical. We even love the glass ball strings coupled with the kaleeras.

Image: The SM Group on Instagram

6. Traditional at its best!

6 kaleera in your decor

Genda phool and kaleeras make for the most gorgeous combination ever! And that’s just what we spotted at a wedding entrance. Curtains made from genda phool lined the entryway with kaleeras stringed at the bottom. Isn’t it pretty?

Image: The Wedding Brigade on Instagram

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