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Did You Just Say... Underboob Bra?! What Is THAT?

Did You Just Say... Underboob Bra?! What Is THAT?
Let us get down to the point. You know the main function of a bra is to support your boobs, yes? Whether you are wearing a T-shirt bra, a balconette or even a sports bra - they are designed to cup, lift and hold your breasts in place. Well, hold on to that thought because this newest bra design is simply the opposite of every bra out there.

These quirky outliers are called underboob bras. And if you think they will support your breasts...you will be mighty disappointed. They won’t. Here’s why - the bottom half of the bra is completely missing! Yes, we were just as baffled as you are when we first found out. Yup, it’s a real thing and before the voices in your head scream “WHY!”, here’s something you need to know - it all started when fashion risk takers started showing off the underside of the boobs by wearing super-super cropped tops. A little cray-cray? We know!

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In case you want to give it a shot: Honeydew Intimates Underboob Bra (Rs 2,608)

The brand Honeydew Intimates came up with the first underboob bra, and other brands are quickly following suit. Looking at their design and cut, we are certain they are not meant for girls with bigger boobs...or even average sized boobs. Because, gravity! Unless you plan on lying on a horizontal plane the whole day and not do any real work, these bras have no real function because they give no support whatsoever.

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We are not sure how we feel about the underboob bra or any sort of underboob sticking out of our tops. We’d rather show off the good ol’ cleavage, thank you. What do you think?

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