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9 Emotions Every Girl Feels When It’s Her Bhai’s Wedding!

9 Emotions Every Girl Feels When It’s Her Bhai’s Wedding!
Your brother is getting married! Congratulations! Your emotional landscape is veering from super-excited to, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it!” So while you are getting caught in the shaadi planning excitement, we are sure you are going through all these emotions when it’s your brother’s wedding.

1. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!”

You are literally jumping up and down in the air from sheer excitement and joy.

1 brother's wedding

2. “Is this really happening?!”

The full impact of his engagement has yet to sink in.

3. “Is he really getting married?!”

Wasn’t it just yesterday he was pulling my hair? *Sniff!*

4. I really want to know the girl who won his heart.

She’s got to be someone special.


5. Shopping is now part of my job description!

We need to shop for him, his fiance, for his fiance’s family and, of course, me! I need to be my fashionable best at the shaadi functions!

5 brother's wedding

6. Strategise, strategise, strategise

...For the joota chupai! Need to get all the cousins in on this.

7. So much to organize!

From the sangeet practices to the decor to the fashion decisions - it’s obviously my job.

8. He’s getting a life partner.

I guess I’m no longer the first speed dial number on his 3 am call list.

9. This is going to be fun!

A wedding in the family - it’s party all the way. *Faints from excitement*

9 brother's wedding

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