6 FAB Ways To Style Your Leggings & Sneakers Even To A Party!

6 FAB Ways To Style Your Leggings & Sneakers Even To A Party!
It’s funny how we wear our leggings and sneakers day in and day out, but whenever there’s a fancy dinner date or a bestie’s birthday in college, we ditch them for dresses and skirts. Not anymore! Wear your favourite wardrobe essentials EVERYWHERE with just a few simple tweaks. Here’s 6 easy ways to dress up your leggings and sneakers.

1. If you ONLY wear black and white

dress up leggings 1

Not a fan of too much colour? No problem. Pair this side-slit maxi tee (they are all the rage right now) with your favourite black leggings, a studded backpack and silver loafers. The platform heel on the loafers add to your height and the backpack adds an impish charm to your look.

2. For a formal event

dress up leggings 2

Yes, you can wear your leggings to a formal event. And yes, you can totally pair them with heels. All you need are the right accessories, like this gold watch and this slinky pair of heels. Make sure your leggings aren’t too colourful (we would stick to black or grey) and that you pair them with a solid top .

3. To impress that guy in college

dress up leggings 3

When you’re looking to impress your crush, sneakers are the last thing that
come to mind. However, when they’re this cool, who can resist?
Pair these printed sneakers
 with a distressed pair of joggers, a crop top and a chronograph watch. While heels and too much make up might seem like you’re trying too hard to impress the guy, this look screams casual cool.

4. For work. Yes, really!

dress up leggings 4

Don’t think you can wear your fitness wear to work? Think again! This pair of checked track pants are really a find. You can dress them up with an off-shoulder top, a pair of gorgeous black heels and a beige watch to complete your look. Warning: This smart outfit draws a lot of attention ;)

5. When you’re a tomboy but you’re trying to be girly

dress up leggings 5

If you’re a complete tomboy and you practically live in your baggy clothes, this look is the right way to break into the girly mould. You don’t have to strut in a pair of heels to look girly though. You can keep your favourite sneakers on. Just pair them with a pair of dual-coloured leggings, add a cold-shoulder crop top for a hint of glamour and finish off your look with a pretty tote. Voila! You’re not the typical girly girl but you’re well on your way.

6. For a day out shopping

dress up leggings 6

Love shopping but still haven’t gotten around to the perfect outfit to wear on hot summer days? Here’s your answer. Avoid full-length leggings. Instead, opt for a pair of leggings that is knee-length and pair it with a baggy top that lets you breathe. Since you’re going out shopping, you’re going to need shoes that are comfy. Match this pair of espadrilles with your backpack to carry your shopping loot home.

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