What Is YOUR Platinum Day of Love? Tell Us to Win an Amazing Prize!

What Is YOUR Platinum Day of Love? Tell Us to Win an Amazing Prize!
The Platinum Day of Love is all about inspiring stories that mark that special moment in couple’s life, when they discovered that true love lasts forever. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we decided to ask our fabulous Style Council members and Blog Network members about their special day of love. While you read what they had to say, you also get a chance to share your story of love and win a fabulous pair of earrings worth Rs 30,000! What are you waiting for? Read on and share your Platinum Day of Love with us.

Platinum Day of Love

Priyanka’s Engagement

The day Raj proposed was super special. I know a lot of people would say the day of their wedding was their special day of love, but for me it was what came before. It was that day when we affirmed out loud the promise of a future together - when we knew that this was it! - says Priyanka Gill, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, POPxo

Namrata’s Last Day in London

Raoul and my last Sunday in London -the city where we first met, found our first apartment and got married. We finished packing boxes in the morning, then went for a stroll in Primrose Hill and had a long, long brunch. It was cold but - rare for a London winter - had glimpses of sunshine. Then off to watch the Arsenal game (winning 2-0!) and home-cooked dinner. Romantic because it was the perfect encapsulation of our first 6 years together - everything we love in one day! - says Namrata Bostrom, Co-Founder and CEO, POPxo

Kalyani’s Day Out with Tahira

My romance begins and ends with my daughter Tahira Tara Chawla. Being away in boarding school, I crave for her to return  home to me . But teenagers need major wooing, especially when it comes to spending time with parents! Tahira and I both are spa addicts so we book ourselves in at the Lodhi Hotel, formerly the Aman, at the "couple room" in their amazing spa for a long day of indulgence, with lunch in between . It's an amazing way to bond and relax together which we both enjoy very much. Tahira comes home on Valentine's Day this year, so I'm doubly excited! - says Kalyani Chawla, Vice-President, Dior India

Karishma’s V-Day Letters

I feel that love should be celebrated everyday and Valentine should really be considered as a day to reflect on that all-year love. Being an utter romantic the biggest gesture for me is a letter (which for most men is the hardest thing ever!), but needless to say my man delivers every year! - says Karishma Manga Bedi, Beauty Expert

Ambika’s Valentine's Day

I have always dated men who considered "Valentine's Day" to be a marketing gimmick! So not many flowers or presents came down my way! But I am an absolute romantic, bordering on cheesy, so I make sure my partner has a great day!! - says Ambika Anand, Anchor and Editor, NDTV Good Times

Platinum Day of Love

Sanjana’s First Date

My “special day of love” would have to be my first date with my now husband. He went down on one knee to ask me to have dinner with him; by the end of the evening I knew I wanted to marry him. We both remember the date and celebrate the day each year! - says Sanjana Banaik of The Purple Window

Nilu’s Best Friend

My "special day of love" was when my best friend proposed to me and I laughed it off. However, since that day, our relationship has been something different and now, 11 years later, we are celebrating V-day together! - says Nilu Yuleena Thapa of Big Hair Loud Mouth

Snehal’s Every Single Day

Since I have been with my boyfriend, every day has been a special day of love. He is my best friend and we're like two peas in a pod. As long as he is around, there is nothing more that can make me feel more special or loved! - says Snehal Fernandes of Style Seekers

Platinum Day Of Love


Tell us what your Platinum Day of Love is, and you can win an absolutely gorgeous pair of Celtic Knot Platinum Earrings worth Rs 30,000!

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