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9 Super Cute Ways To Surprise Your Bestie - Just Because!!

9 Super Cute Ways To Surprise Your Bestie - Just Because!!
Everyone needs a bit of mood-lifting every now and then. And who better than your bestie to do that for you? You know your bestie’s likes and dislikes, her happy places and all the things she enjoys doing. So, next time you see your best friend looking down and out, here’s a bunch of stuff you can do to surprise her and perk up her mood…

1. Shopping Spree

Retail therapy is a no-brainer in this case. To make her day, it’s best to pop by the mall on your side of town and make it a fun outing for both of you. This is bound to bring a smile on her face. Finishing shopping, returning home and admiring all those new clothes and accessories proves to be a good after-effect too!

1 cute ways to surprise your bestie

2. Flowers For Her

You obviously know the colour and type of flowers she likes. Tulips, you say? Send her a bunch (or just land up at her place with a bouquet in hand), and a cutesy note to go with it perhaps, and you’ve done your job right.

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3. Spa Session

There’s nothing more relaxing than a spa session – what say, ladies? Booking one with your bestie is the cherry on the cake! This will be a great way to spend time with your bestie - bond along as you get your massages and you’ve made her day! Don’t forget that glow after the spa, girls. It’s worth it, isn’t it?

3 cute ways to surprise your bestie

4. Old School Notes

This is an oldie, but goodie. Many a time, writing something down is better expressed than saying it. Sending your bestie, who feels down in the dumps, a sweet note expressing how much you admire and care for her is a foolproof way to lift her spirit on a bad day.

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5. Chocolates Help!

This is scientifically proven. Chocolates help stimulate the brain and make you feel happy. Therefore, no one can argue this one out. Get her some of her favourites from the supermarket and the mission will be accomplished.

5 cute ways to surprise your bestie

6. Share A Memory

Be it an old photo of the two of you or just some note you found from one of you to the other – click a photo of it and send it to her. It could be a Facebook post or on Instagram or just a sweet and personal Whatsapp. This is bound to better her mood and make her day.

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7. Movie Night!

If she’s a movie buff, this one will work wonders. Sit in your PJs, order some wine, some munchies, and play her favourite romcoms. This could turn a rough day around and make her feel as happy as ever. Good company, with amazing food and entertainment – bullseye!

7 cute ways to surprise your bestie

8. Foodie Fun

Food almost always comes to the rescue. You surely know her favourite cuisine – or better still, go to her favourite food joint for a girls’ dinner and watch how it changes her mood. Food, drink and girlie gossip would be a great combination in this situation. The way to your bestie’s heart is through her stomach, we say!

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9. Surprise Surprise!

This could be anything at all. Be it bookings for that vacay you both have been planning for months, a sudden movie plan or you handing her that dress she’d liked from your wardrobe - it’ll work like magic, ladies.

9 cute ways to surprise your bestie

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