7 Super Cute Ways To Text Him “Good Night”!

7 Super Cute Ways To Text Him “Good Night”!

Before you sleep tonight, send your guy one of these 7 goodnight texts to bring a smile to his face and make him feel loved. If you want him to dream of you, then don’t just wish him a simple good night, text him these romantic and cute good night messages instead...

1. When you couldn’t talk to him, all day.

“I know it was a crazy day and I couldn’t give you any time. So now I’ll just think of you before I go to sleep, so that we can be together in my dreams. See you there. Goodnight! :)”

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2. When you’re missing him too much.

“I wish you could hold me in your arms, and cuddle me to sleep. You shouldn’t be anywhere but here with me, at the end of each day, every day. *missing you too much*” 2 cute goodnight texts

3. When you want to thank him.

“As long as you are there with me at the end of each day - I know I can face anything. You are the reason I wake up happier, because I sleep knowing there is nothing I can not do. Thank you, love.”

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4. When you want to flirt with him.

“I can’t sleep. I just can’t stop thinking about that time I stayed over at your place, and you made us maggi and we started watching The Notebook…but ended up not watching it. I kinda wanna repeat that.”

4 cute goodnight texts

5. When something reminds you of him.

“I just saw an old couple walking hand in hand. The man looked at his wife like she was the best thing that had happened to him… I hope our love story turns out the same. I am gonna wish it before I sleep tonight.”

6. When you’re feeling romantic

“You make the best pillow to sleep on, and the warmest blanket to snuggle under. I wish I could fall asleep next to you every night.” 6 cute goodnight texts

7. When you want to make him feel loved.

“You are the man of my dreams and the best thing that has happened to me. When I think about you, I see all my dreams come true. Sleep tight :)”

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