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Confessions Of A Girl Who’s Interested In More Than One Guy

Confessions Of A Girl Who’s Interested In More Than One Guy
The term "perfect guy" means different things to different girls. In my opinion, I don’t think all the qualities of a perfect person fit into just one guy. I believe that they’re evenly distributed. Every guy is so uniquely different that they obviously vary in terms of humour, sex appeal and intelligence. Till today, I haven’t met a guy who has every amazing quality in himself - which is, of course, totally understandable. I guess, that’s why I tend to fall for more than one guy...

A guy who can make me laugh till my tummy hurts, another one who can hold a conversation with me about anything and everything under the sun and a guy who can kiss me so passionately that I start to believe in love all over again... I have to confess, I’m the kind of girl who loves to meet and go on dates with different types of guys. I’m always hunting for a man who can connect with me emotionally, mentally and physically.

Never have I cheated on any of my boyfriends in the past, but what’s the harm in admiring other people? I may not want them to be mine, but I do want to meet and connect with them. To tell you the truth, I get bored easily. Maybe relationships just aren't my thing. My expectations are startlingly high and that’s probably why I find it hard to give my heart to just one man. When it comes to flirting, I’m a natural. I don’t have any ulterior motives though. I just want to get to know them better. I want them to let their walls down and see if we can click on all levels. I want to know their stories and figure them out as if they were a rubik's cube.

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The chase thrills my soul. The instant attraction sends chills down my spine. The feeling is captivating in itself. It’s honestly not fair to put the guy who has fallen for me on hold. It’s not their fault, I’m just not capable of any sort of commitment at the moment. I don’t like to invest my happiness in just one person, and why should I even have to?

And not only is this fodder for my soul, but it also means that no one’s heart gets broken in the process. Being single gives me that very advantage. To get to know all kinds of men and never set an expectation bar. That way, there is be no room for disappointments.

The only time I would ever settle for someone is when I’m ready to settle on myself - when I’m content and have a better idea about the kind of guy I’m looking for. Once I find him, I know I’ll give him my all. As for now, I’m just going to go with the flow and get to know as many new faces as I can. After all, isn’t life all about meeting new people anyway?!

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