9 Compliments He Secretly Wants To Hear From You! *Wink*

9 Compliments He Secretly Wants To Hear From You! *Wink*
There are multiple things that go into maintaining a relationship with that special one. One of them being, complimenting your guy every now and then. It not only boosts his morale and in some way, spices things up for you, but also leads to a healthy exchange of positive comments that ensures a healthy happy relationship. I mean, who doesn’t like to get a compliment, right? Besides, a compliment leaves a guy thinking more about you and what you said for a long time. On that note, we list out some compliments your guy is dying to hear from you!

1. "Ooo, you're looking so fit!"

Now, that’s a no-brainer. If he’s been working hard and sweating it out at the gym, you must compliment him on that 6-pack in-the-making or the muscle he’s attempting to gain.

1 guy is dying to hear

2. "Your determination at work is commendable!"

Encouraging your boyfriend/husband about his work and how he handles it, is a great push for him to work even harder and keep going. Your motivation is a great source of strength for him and he’ll be happier going to work each day if he hears this often enough.

3. "Your hairdo today gives competition to Zac Efron!"

Hair, for many guys, is a touchy topic. Getting the gel or hair wax to make his hair look just right is more important to him than you can imagine. So this compliment is bound to make him smile ear to ear.

3 guy is dying to hear

4. Your advice was so helpful. Thank you!"

You run to each other for advice all the time, and that’s great. But giving each other feedback about how that helped is a must. Besides, it’s definitely a feel-good thing to hear that your opinion/advice helped your loved one.

5. "That woman was totally checking you out!"

They love that, period. And it makes you look like the chilled out girlfriend/wife too - which you totally are, of course. Win-win!

5 guy is dying to hear

6. "I feel so comfy and safe around you."

As long as his level of protectiveness for you is healthy and manageable, you must tell him this!  

7. "Thank you... For an amazing time in bed!"

Need we explain this one, ladies? ;-)

7 guy is dying to hear

8. "Boasting about him, in front of him."

Complimenting him in front of his friends and family on how good a partner he is, is a great boost for him and is something that’ll stay with the man for a long time.

9. "You always bring a smile to my face."

Nothing will make him smile more than this!

9 guy is dying to hear

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