blouse styles for girls with a big bust

6 Blouse Styles That Are Perfect For A Girl With A Bigger Bust

Kritika Rathi

Guest Contributor, POPxo

Hey girl, you are gifted with beautiful body and that’s something you should definitely be proud of. In this edition, we tell you how you can make your bosoms look wonderful in a saree blouse without drawing too much attention! So flaunt what you’ve got and look even more beautiful than you already are! Here are 6 blouse styles that are perfect for busty girls.

1. The One With A Sweetheart Neckline

1 blouse styles for girls with a big bust

Image: Sonakshi Sinha On Instagram

This is the neckline that just works for you. A sweetheart neckline will highlight the neck and shoulders in a manner that it looks more appealing, creating just the right amount of curves around the bust area and enhancing your gorgeous decolletage.

2. The One With Quarter Sleeves!

2 blouse styles for girls with a big bust

Image: Sanjana Batra On Instagram

A blouse with quarter sleeves that cut right at the elbow suits a busty girl because visually it appears neater. The edges of the sleeves are in line with the cut of the blouse, which creates an illusion of one line and takes attention away from the breasts.

3. Blouses With Deep Backs!

3 blouse styles for girls with a big bust

Image: Sonakshi Sinha On Instagram

Deep backs always look sexy on women. Try something with a bit more detailing instead of a simple cut. This way all the focus will be on the elaborate things going on at the back and it will make your saree look sophisticated and sexy.

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4. The One With Interesting Details!

4 blouse styles for girls with a big bust

Image: Tarun Tahiliani On Instagram

Try wearing an off-shoulder blouse with nice lace work and fitted full sleeves - it’ll amp up your outfit and make it look much more exciting and glamourous. This way you can work on other aspects of the blouse rather than concentrate only on the bust area. It looks elegant and experimental!

5. Scooped Necks And Sleeveless Blouses!

5 blouse styles for girls with a big bust

Image: Bipashu Basu On Instagram

If you want to keep it plain and simple, just wear a blouse that has a deep scoop neck and opt for a thin sleeveless one. Get a couple of basic ones made in this style, they’ll always look classy. This way, you can lay more emphasis on the saree rather than drawing attention towards the bust.

6. Break The Regular Pattern!

6 blouse styles for girls with a big bust

Ditch all the traditional ideas of a saree blouse and try something that looks a little modern and experimental, like this one. The centre panel breaks the chest area into two, making it look like smaller segments, and the contrasting sleeve patterns make this blouse a truly fascinating one.

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Published on Jun 05, 2016
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