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7 Awesome Perks Of Being A “Chasmish” Girl!

7 Awesome Perks Of Being A “Chasmish” Girl!
All of us have witnessed the reel life incidents where the protagonist takes off her glasses and all her troubles disappear! As if glasses are the one and only reason for everything wrong happening in her life. But gone are the days when chashmish girls used to be the president of the Geek Club. Now glasses can be your best friends, just like diamonds! Here are few perks of being a 'Chashmish' girl!

1. A new frame can do the wonders for your look that a new dress or footwear may fail to!

Red for a red dress, blue for the blue one, black for the formal look, yellow for the funky look.  Sometimes rimless and sometimes cat eyes! Your glasses can be your best accessory - just change the frame and make the world see the "New You"!

1 perks of being chashmish

2. Spectacles work better than you under-eye creams!

Who doesn't hate the routine of waking up with those puffy eyes and dark circles every morning? Can't do anything about the late night work but can't even afford to let the world see our panda eyes! But hey! You can surely hide them under your rescue glasses in the most fashionable way possible.

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3. The Nainas from YJHD and KHNH share the same secret!

Have you ever wondered why these movies always cast a chashmish girl in the sundar, susheel and sanskari role? She doesn't party, she doesn't go on dates with random guys, she doesn't lie and so on... Well all of these traits may not be true (chashmish girls are human too!) but they do have it really easy when it comes to impressing elders with their sweet, innocent and simple look! All thanks to those extra pair of eyes!

3 perks of being chashmish

4. "Kon karega is chashmish se shaadi" is not something you hear anymore!

It might have been true in our grandpa's time when parents would worry about who'd marry their chashmish daughter, but the situation is quite different now. No one really cares all that much if you wear glasses or not! It's especially not a deal-breaker. Wearing glasses is treated as a choice now - what with contact lenses and laser operations so easily available. So wear your glasses with pride for that rishta meeting, girls!

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5. Pencil skirt? Check. Stilettos? Check. Glasses? Double check!

Be it an office meeting or an intellectual conversation with the clients, your glasses create an amazing impression. People tend to take you more seriously when you propose an idea, looking straight into their eyes through your power glasses!

5 perks of being chashmish

6. "The party don't start 'til I walk in!!"

It's easy for you to stay under wraps and unnoticed and only show your hidden side when the right time comes. Chashmish girls are predicted to be shy, reserved and introverted. So when you prove people wrong about their assumptions about you, the spotlight will be all yours!

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7. 14 without glasses and 18 with them!

Glasses make you look more mature and responsible than you might actually be. So it's easy for you to avoid all that cheek pulling and all those comments about your age - by just wearing your glasses!

7 perks of being chashmish

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