7 AWESOME Date Ideas… For Rs 1,000 Or Less!

7 AWESOME Date Ideas… For Rs 1,000 Or Less!
We love going on dates and why wouldn’t we? We get to have a lot of fun, get to know the other person better and in the process, fall in love (if you are that lucky, that is). But serious and frequent dating requires serious money too. For the first few times one doesn’t mind splurging but after a while, we start to notice that dating burns a huge hole in our pockets. However, we are here to remind you that it doesn’t always have to be that way. Here’s how you can have an awesome date ideas in less than a thousand bucks.

1. Have a cook-out at home

Brush up on your cooking skills. Nature gave you survival skills (which includes cooking to stay alive), so, hone it. Easy recipes include pasta in white sauce or a simple Indian meal which could consist of rice, dal and a good chicken dish. Plus, this saves money for the drink of your choice. A date at home with good music, good food, awesome company - all in the comfort of your pajamas - makes you wonder why you ever went out for dates, doesn’t it?

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2. A movie marathon

Another super idea to try at home. Everyone has a TV at home and if you don’t, you most probably have a laptop. Buy some popcorn and loads of other junk food, order in a huge meal and spend the next few hours with your date just being lazy and cozying up in bed. You could either have a movie marathon or choose to watch something completely new. The choice is all yours.

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3. Go to watch a circus

Remember when you were a kid and your folks took you to a circus? Remember how awesome that was? Well, if you don’t remember, don’t you think it’s high time you made new memories like those? There are prominent circuses that keep travelling all over India and the most expensive tickets come for less than 500 bucks. The whole show lasts up to three hours and it’s a wonderful and entertaining three hours.

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4. Have a musical night in

If you guys play instruments, simply pick them up and have a little jam session, tell each other embarrassing stories about each other, so that there is no more awkwardness. And if you don’t play an instrument - karaoke the night away. Use your internet. The possibilities are endless.

5. Board-games night

You can buy at least two board games and a proper meal for less than a thousand bucks. Don’t think this needs any more explanation, does it?

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6. Go on a hike

A half-day hike is all you need to strengthen the bond with your date and hiking reveals a lot about a person. For a half day hike, the most important thing you need is energy. For that you need a healthy, heavy breakfast and some energy bars and energy drinks for later on. Told you it would be less than a thousand bucks!

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7. Get creative

It could be arts and crafts, wall painting, cutting or coloring each others’ hair - it could be anything. Most DIY items come for less than a thousand bucks - learn how to trust each other by doing things for each other and you will have a great time.

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