7 Fashion Items To Stay Away From On Your Wedding Day!

7 Fashion Items To Stay Away From On Your Wedding Day!
You probably already have a picture in your head about your wedding day ‘look’ and might have a few items on your mind to add to your wedding outfit. Well, there are quite a few things that might end up being different on the wedding day, including your wedding look. Save yourself heartbreak and when finalising your look, avoid these fashion mistakes on your wedding day:

1. Uchi wali heel pehen ke do NOT dance Basanti

Unless you want to end up with serious leg cramps and sore feet from standing for 4 hours straight in those killer six-inch heels. Get a wedge-heeled shoe and save yourself from a world of pain.

1 fashion mistakes on your wedding day

2. Ditch the kamarbandh

As pretty as the ornamental belt looks around your waist, do consider the fact that its sharp, rough edges and stones will poke into you every time you sit or bend to touch the khandaan's feet. Avoid ending up with a nasty rash.

3. A very heavy necklace

Our eyes twinkle at the sight of those gigantic maharani necklaces adorning the tall slender necks of models in bridal magazines. But beware, ladies! These heavy duty necklaces come at a cost of severe neck and back pain, especially for girls with cervical problems.

fashion mistakes on your wedding day 3

4. A heavy odhni

The moment that beautiful odhni is draped on our heads the feeling of being the bride sinks in. However, wearing a 5-kg odhni is not really a great idea if you want to avoid a paralysed, stiff neck. Go for delicate, light work instead.

5. Body-shaping underwear

Of course, we want to appear slim on our wedding day, but that doesn't mean that you put yourself through the enormous discomfort of tight body shapers for God knows how many hours. Opt for a high-waisted lehenga or drape your chunni strategically to hide any problem areas without having the elastic band design imprinted across your body.

5 fashion mistakes on your wedding day

6. Powder-based makeup

The compact powder sure comes in handy when you want a quick touch up to remove that extra shine on your face. But what you don’t know is that this powdery layer shows up instantly the moment your face starts sweating again and is exposed to heat. It also tends to crease as you smile. A good primer is your best friend to avoid this disaster as it both combats sweat and prevents your makeup from melting away from the heat.

7. Non-waterproof makeup

Well, you are going to be crying a little if not a lot and you really don’t want your mascara, eye liner and foundation running away with your tears. Advise your makeup artist to use waterproof and not water-resistant makeup. There’s a huge difference. Be the beautiful bride from start till the end.

7 fashion mistakes on your wedding day

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