Arranged Marriage? 7 Cute Ways You Can Get To Know Him Better!

Arranged Marriage? 7 Cute Ways You Can Get To Know Him Better!
If you have opted for an arranged marriage you are already aware of the pros and cons involved. While the advantages are many, the flip side is that you are yet to know your fiance and your in-laws well. But arranged marriages are all about this wonderful process of getting to know each other on a daily basis. If you are still a little nervous about the situation, fret not, here are a few ways you can strengthen the bond with your fiance:

1. Date Like You Mean It

Just because it's an arranged marriage does not mean you cannot date the person. Use the run up to your wedding for frequent date nights together. Dress up, go out and spend time getting to know each other, flirt with each other and basically bask in each other's presence. It'll reap rich rewards later, trust us.

1 Bond with your fiance

2. Don't Make It All About The Wedding

Just because you are getting married does not mean it has to be all about wedding planning talk every time you meet, does it? When you meet each other outside the family space don't make it all about your future together. Make it about the present instead and try to know him as an individual and not merely as your future hubby.

3. Plan A Pre-Wedding Weekend Getaway

What better way to know a person than to go for a trip together, only the two of you. As you have a few road adventures together, you will bond over the journey, and maybe the odd little first fight too over who gets to drive. Also, isn't it a wonderful prequel to the honeymoon?

4. Hang Out With His Friends

And invite him to hang out with yours. There is no need to postpone this social interaction till after the wedding. Getting to know his friends will draw him closer to you as you'll discover many unknown and wonderful facets of his personality.

4 Bond with your fiance

5. Bond With The In-Laws

Marriage is certainly the coming together of two families as well. What better way to bond with your fiance than to spend some quality time with his family as well. The fact that you are making the effort to know his people will endear you to him and certainly encourage him to open up to you.


6. Find Common Interests

Make a genuine effort to find out common interests and spend some time indulging in them together. It could be anything from fitness regimes to photography; if your interests coincide anywhere it is a great opportunity to build on that. Even if you do not have discovered anything in common yet, you can still show an interest in the things he is passionate about.

7. Open Up To Him

Often, as we wait for the other person to open up, we forget that we too can be the one to take the first step. When you bare your heart to your future life partner you certainly take the more vulnerable stance but that has its rich rewards too. Discuss your past freely and try not to camouflage important aspects of your life for fear of judgement. Remember, you are preparing to spend your life with this person. Your bond will only be stronger from this sharing.

7 Bond with your fiance

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