8 Embarrassing Questions Girls Have About Guys, Um, ‘Finishing’

8 Embarrassing Questions Girls Have About Guys, Um, ‘Finishing’
Embarrassing stuff happens in the bedroom, all the time. And yet, we still freak out when things go a bit awry. Maybe because sex-ed in school failed to cover all important aspects of sex, such as, him “finishing” and what to do afterwards. But, worry not, for we are answering 8 questions about him “finishing” that you may have but are hesitating to ask!

1. "If he finishes on my bed, is it okay if I don’t change the bedsheet?"

No, because it’s kinda gross. I mean, even though your bedsheet is probably dry after a while, sleeping in it is not very hygienic. Just like you’d send it for a wash when any other liquid spills over it, you must change it when he finishes on it too.

2. "He often wants to finish on my breasts or my back - is it normal?"

Yes, it’s normal. In the sense that a lot of couples enjoy it, and it has no health side effects. Having said that, if you don’t feel comfortable about him “finishing” on your body, you should let him know. There is no compulsion or need, really. However, if you don’t mind, it’s always a good idea to keep some wipes, towels and sanitizer close by to clean up. 2 embarrassing questions about him finishing

3. "Am I supposed to spit or swallow, after a blowjob?"

You can do both, or not do it at all - whatever you feel comfortable with. What is more important though, is that he must be tested and STD free, and you must insist on this. While more guys like to watch their girls swallow, not every girl likes doing it. In such a case, you can choose to spit it out, and thoroughly cleanse your mouth after. It has no health risks if he is tested and clean.

4. "Doesn’t the taste/ smell stay? How do I make sure it goes away?"

A faint smell may linger, but no one except you will be able to smell it. You can wash your mouth with plain water a couple of times, or even use a mouthwash if you find the smell/taste too strong for your liking. You can also drink or eat after washing your mouth and that should take care of any residual smell/ taste.

4 embarrassing questions about him finishing

5. "What should I do if he finished inside me?"

First of all, if you aren’t okay with him finishing inside you, you must tell him so. Unprotected sex is just not acceptable in that case and you should put your foot down. But if it happens accidentally, there are a few emergency contraceptives available in the market that you can take. But if it’s been over three days since this happened, you must visit your gynae. You can read more about it here.

6. "How am I supposed to clean down there when he comes inside me?"

You must go pee immediately after and you can clean yourself softly with a towel dipped in warm water. Do not use soap or any other cosmetic until you are specifically recommended to do so by your gynae, for the vagina is a self-cleaning organ.

6 embarrassing questions about him finishing

7. "When I was um, giving him a hand at it, some of it accidentally flew into my eye. What do I do?"

You must immediately wash your eye with clean, warm water instead of rubbing it. Also, if it causes irritation, you should get yourself professionally checked because it can cause infections.

8. "Can I get pregnant even if he doesn’t finish anywhere near my vagina?"

No, you can’t. For the sperm to meet ovaries, a certain amount of thrust is required, which can only happen during sexual intercourse. If he “finishes” anywhere else on your body, his sperm would lack the shove it requires to enter your vagina on it’s own.

8 embarrassing questions about him finishing

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