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Sarojini vs Our Fashion Editor: 5 AMAZING Picks For Rs 150 Each!

Sarojini vs Our Fashion Editor: 5 AMAZING Picks For Rs 150 Each!
Street shopping has its own charm. If you’re in Delhi or you have been to Delhi, then at least one mandatory visit to Sarojini Nagar goes without saying. This colourful chaos located in South Delhi is every girl’s playground. Loaded with surplus products from international brands, this place will literally fulfill all of your sartorial needs! All you need to do is put on some comfy shoes, get ready to bargain and shop like it’s rock ‘n’ roll! Here are the five things I picked up from Sarojini that were for less than Rs 150!

1. A Pretty Necklace

1 picked from Sarojini

This bronze neckpiece with a floral pattern is my go-to accessory if I am wearing solid colours. It instantly lifts up any outfit and looks great when teamed with collaredshirts.

2. Fringed Earrings

2 picked from Sarojini

If you are on the hunt for junk jewellery then this is the place to be. These fringed earrings are perfect for my Indian as well as Western outfits.

3. A Crochet Top

3 picked from Sarojini

More than half of Sarojini Nagar is full of tops in the latest trends. I absolutely adore this black crochet halter top! And at Rs 150 - it’s such a steal!

4. Chunky belt

4 picked from Sarojini

I had been looking for a chunky vintage belt for months and none of my favourite brands or stores had one. I was overjoyed when I found this belt in Sarojini and I have been wearing it everywhere since!

5. A Colourful Purse

5 picked from Sarojini

This pretty purse is enough to add that much needed amount of colour and life to any dull ensemble. Whenever I am stuck in a style rut, I wear a plain white tee and this purse that instantly brightens up my outfit!

Images: Apurva Lama

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