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9 Makeup Tricks You NEED To Know For Your Wedding Day!

Priyanka Ghura

Assistant Editor

Every girl aspires for the perfect makeup on her wedding day. It should make her look radiant, flawless, sexy and stunning without being OTT. To help you get closer to those expectations, we give you some makeup tips every bride-to-be should know for her big day. These will definitely help you look even better than you imagined!

1. Consider The Climate

In warmer weather, which is basically most parts of the year in India, you definitely want to invest in oil-free products. From the moisturizer and primer to the foundation – it’s safer to go oil-free. Also, make sure to have oil-blotting sheets handy during your functions.

2. Fight Tired Eyes

Fight red or tired eyes after a late night of dancing on your sangeet with eye drops. Make sure to use a brand you’ve used before.

2 makeup tips for every bride

3. Play It Up For The Photos

The camera and the bright lights might wash you out, which is why you should play up your makeup for great photos. This doesn’t mean you should go crazy, just a little bit more will make all the difference. Have a trial with your makeup artist in advance and take photos to see how you look.

4.  Primer Is A Must

Not many of us use primer, though we should, but it’s necessary for a bride. After your moisturizer and before you put on your foundation, applying primer is a must to help your makeup go on more smoothly and last all day and all night.

4 makeup tips for every bride

5. Apply In Natural Light

Natural light is best for your makeup application. Make sure to set up an application table close to a window to help get the perfect look. Otherwise, use a super bright lamp - halogens are the best.

6. Natural, Blended Foundation

If you’re doing your makeup yourself for any of the functions, make sure to never use your fingers to apply your base. Instead, apply it with a damp sponge or brush - your fingers can spread bacteria and also not give a great finish. For it to look natural, make sure to blend super well, especially around the eye area. Stippling your sponge (put the foundation as dots on your face) to blend instead of swiping the foundation will help give a natural, even finish.

6 makeup tips for every bride

7. Extend Beyond Your Face

It’s important to apply your base on your neck and chest as well to prevent a visible difference in your skin tone between your body and your face. When all those lights and camera flashes are on you, you’d be glad that you did.

8. Prep Your Lips

Apply a lip balm first to prevent your lips from getting dry and flaky under your lipstick. Then fill in your lips with a lip pencil, this will help your colour stay in place for much longer. Remember, glossy lipsticks will fade more easily, but this way at least you’ll keep the colour on for longer.

8 makeup tips for every bride

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Published on Jun 22, 2016
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