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9 Really Cute Ideas To Make Your Court Wedding Special!

9 Really Cute Ideas To Make Your Court Wedding Special!
While some us grew up dreaming about a big, fat, Karan Johar-style wedding, there also are couples who prefer a small and intimate affair or maybe a court wedding. And sometimes circumstances are such that a court wedding makes for the the best option. But who said court weddings have to be dull or just the usual? You can add a few special touches to make your D-day memorable. These 9 ideas for a court wedding are just what you need. :)

1. A pretty outfit!

You get to be a bride only once (we hope :P) and we can only advice you to wear what you’ve always wanted. A gorgeous sari or even a delicate lehenga choli…don’t shy away from dressing up. Have your groom too put his best foot forward. It’s your wedding after all!

1 ideas for a court wedding

2. Send out invites

Agreed that your guest list will not be more than 10 - 12 people at the courthouse, but that does not mean you leave it as just a text message or a phone call. In fact, just 10 invitations means you can go all out and have the most gorgeous card designed. Have it addressed individually to each of your guests and send them out in advance.

3. You CAN have a baraat!

For all the ladkawallas, a court wedding with a baraat is totally doable! You’ve just got to keep it low decibel. Organise a small baraat that leads up to the court gates. You can have two dholwallas, hand out tambourines to all the women in your baraat and let the dance begin! The dulha can totally make an entry on a bike if a car is not exactly your scene!

4. Something personalised!

Present your female guests with pretty corsages personalised with their names and a smart pocket square for the men as they come in. It’s a sweet way to welcome them and make them look different from the rest of the witnesses present at the courthouse. You can even have a dress code for your guests. All white or all pink maybe!

4 ideas for a court wedding

5. You DO need a great photographer

Just because it’s a court wedding doesn’t mean you can get away with smartphone selfies. Hire a great photographer to capture your special moments in the best way ever. A post-wedding shoot after the wedding does not sound like a bad idea either!


6. A flower shower for the newlyweds

Make your bestie in charge of handing out little paper cones filled with flower petals to all the guests waiting outside the court. As you, the newlyweds, make your way out after signing on the dotted line, have all the guests shower flower petals on the two of you. Pretty pictures guaranteed!

7. Ride out in style

A stretch limo or a vintage car decked up with fresh flowers and a ‘Just Married’ board, make it dramatic! As you two step out of the court after the signing, make sure you have a totally killer ride waiting for you outside.

7 ideas for a court wedding

8. Let the party begin

Take your family and friends-like-family out to a great lunch after the court wedding! A lavish 5-star hotel or a romantic outdoor restaurant...live it up and enjoy the day over a scrumptious meal with your favourite people. You can even hire a violinist to entertain the party or even do Church-wedding-style speeches by the newlyweds and the best man/chief bridesmaid.

9. Say thank you

Say thank you to your friends and family with cute little wedding favours. It could be a box of chocolates with a little note that reads, “Thank you for being a part of our wedding” or anything you two as a couple would want to say to them. You could even go green with little planters that’ll always remind your guests of this special day.

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