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5 Ways To Get The Shaadi Rocking (No, Not Just With A DJ!)

5 Ways To Get The Shaadi Rocking (No, Not Just With A DJ!)
The wedding celebration is a big affair and, of course, there is going to be a lot of naach gaana to go with it. To really get the party started, many families hire a DJ to keep the party atmosphere pumped up throughout. However, a DJ might not be everyone's cup of tea. Some may prefer live music instead or some other kind of entertainment. Here are a few alternatives to the DJ and where to find them:

1. Fusion Band

A band playing at your wedding makes it more personal as well as enjoyable. The mix of Western and desi music as well as live interaction with the band will actually keep the crowd on their feet throughout.

Where to find them: There are a number of bands that lend their services during weddings. A quick search on the internet and through platforms such as WeddingDelhi.com will lead you to a list of live bands who play different genres. Several bands give live performances in pubs and cafes across the city. Spread the word among your friends and you will soon catch hold of a live band that suits your wedding celebration style.

2. Qawwali Group

If you are a big fan of qawwali, there is no reason why you cannot have that at your wedding too. The best thing about qawwali is that it is a performance unto itself. Your guests are going to be mesmerized, for sure.

Where to find them: Again, the internet is your best friend when you are looking for anything. There are various music websites that list musicians. In fact, even a call to Just Dial might lead you to a wedding qawwali group.

2 Alternatives to the dj

3. String Quartet

A string quartet is a musical ensemble of four string players. The group consists of two violin players, one viola player and a cellist. It also refers to a piece written to be performed by four string players. A string quartet is the perfect choice if you want to go for something understated and classy without too much noise. Also, they go very well with morning/outdoor weddings.

Where to find them: Call up any reputed music school in the city that specializes in Western classical music and instruments and they will give you a heads up. A quick internet search will also help.

4. Traditional Wedding Orchestra

Before rock and Sufi bands came onto the wedding scene, we had live wedding orchestras. Even today, the grandeur and celebration of an Indian wedding is defined by a live wedding orchestra.

Where to find them: There are everywhere. If you know your city well, you will find their offices and signboards in every locality. But if you are looking for the well known ones, a cursory Google search with your city's name will give you a list of the ones in most demand.

4 Alternatives to the dj

5. Karaoke

Setting up karaoke at your wedding can actually be a great alternative to a DJ. Karaoke is all inclusive and with the right playlist guests will be hooked to the karaoke system all night long.

Where to find them: Websites such as JustDial.com lists the places that give out karaoke systems on hire. Karaoke is also surprisingly easy to set up on your own with a big projector screen and a good sound system and microphone.

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