Tales about best friends turned lovers

Sunday Shorts: 3 Adorable Tales About Besties Who Fell In Love!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

1. The Perfect Fit

It had rained, and we were taking our usual long walk when he gently slipped his fingers through mine. He had never done that before.

We stopped, and I was almost scared to look at him. Had he found out? How could he have? Not a soul but mine knew.

“This feels right” he said. “How could I not see this for five long years?”. He leaned in and kissed me, and as if the heavens agreed, it started raining again.

1 Tales about best friends turned lovers

2. He’s Her Lobster!

We used to eat off the same plate and sleep on the same bed. He used to say we were just like Joey and Rachel, from Friends. It was his favourite show.

It took me nine seasons to realise that Joey was in love with Rachel. It took me nine seasons to realize he’s my lobster.

2 tales about best friends turned lovers

3. It Was Destiny!

We spoke about everything under the sun. We giggled at the silliest of things, shared secrets untold to any soul and bonded on a level that was alien to the world. As the days went by, we slowly started developing feelings for each other. As much as both of us tried to hide those feelings, it was pretty darn evident whenever we met.

We even dated other people to convince ourselves that there was nothing between us. Turns out, the joke was on us. Who were we kidding?! Our chemistry was like a house on fire! I gathered up the courage one day to tell him that I really liked him. When I did open up, he said nothing... A teddy bear hug and a warm kiss on the forehead followed after. We’ve been dating for five years now and still going strong! He’s like my soulmate and I look forward to sharing my entire life with him. Forever together. <3

3 tales about best friends turned lovers

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Published on Jun 05, 2016
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