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7 Adorable “Mr & Mrs” Accessories To Do Up Your New Home!

7 Adorable “Mr & Mrs” Accessories To Do Up Your New Home!
Once the wedding madness is over, it’s time to settle into your new home, ladies. And doing up your new place your way is something all newlyweds look forward to! Here are some super cute ways to decorate your room with ‘Mr and Mrs’ things.

1. Bed linen

mr and mrs_1 Getting either your names or ‘Mr and Mrs’ embroidered onto the duvet covers or pillows are a cute way to do up your new room. Price: Rs 3,099. Buy here.

2. Couch cushions

mr and mrs 2 Be it ‘Mr and Mrs’ or a moustache and eyelashes – such cutesy patchwork on couch cushions looks adorable, doesn’t it? Price: Rs 699. Buy here.

3. Headboards

mr and mrs 1 This could be ‘Mr and Mrs’ wooden blocks hanging on the wall above the headboard or placed on a shelf over the bed. Even a wall decal over the bead will do! It’s a great way to do up the interiors and gives the look of a newlyweds’ room as well. Price: Rs 1,280 approx. Buy here.

4. Fun photo frames

mr and mrs 4 This can either be a cluster of the frames with the your couple photos hung up on the wall or placed together on a console table in the room. Rs 1,199. Buy here. Banner Teal

5. Dates board

mr and mrs 5 Another different element that you can add to your space is a ‘date board’. This would be 3-4 frames placed next to each other with important dates mentioned in them. It could be your first date, engagement date and then the wedding date or maybe the proposal date too. And nothing like it if you have photos to go with them as well! Price: Rs 1,345 approx. Buy here.

6. Bedside ring tray

mr and mrs 6 A porcelain tray with a partition in the middle, with one side reading ‘Mr’ and the other ‘Mrs’ could be placed on one side of the bed for both of you to place your wedding rings and other jewellery in before sleeping. Price: Rs 880 approx. Buy here.

7. Clothes pegs

mr and mrs 7 ‘Mr and Mrs’ clothes pegs could be placed in one corner in the room, or in the bathroom area. More pegs are always welcome and these ones look good too. Price: Rs 720. Buy here. HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 8 Sweet Gifts The Girls Of Your New Family Will LOVE! MUST-READ: 10 Struggles EVERY Newlywed Girl Faces (You’re Not Alone!)