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7 Signs That You Are Addicted To A TV Show!


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There is a fine line between loving a TV show and living a TV show. You know you are living it if you have no desire whatsoever to do anything other than watch your favourite TV show all day. Here are 7 other signs to check if you’re addicted to an idiot box daily…

1. You are perpetually curious about the next episode

addicted to a TV show

2. When no new episodes have been released, you go through the old ones. You could literally do this all day!

addicted to a TV show

3. You love anything related to your favourite TV shows - like memes, behind the scene videos and bloopers. Addicted much?

addicted to a TV show

4. You love making friends with like-minded people, which basically means those people who love the same TV shows as you. And those who don't? Well…

addicted to a TV show

5. When you hear the theme song of the shows…

addicted to a TV show

6. You unknowingly compare your favourite TV show characters to people around you

addicted to a TV show

7. You keep quoting your favourite TV shows to express yourself

addicted to a TV show

Contributed by: Nellini Singh

Nellini is currently pursuing a degree in Mass Media at HR College, Mumbai. Her motto in life is to eat, sleep, chill, repeat! She is also a foodie and a travel enthusiast. 

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