8 Kinds Of Girls You'll *Definitely* Find In A Girl’s Hostel!

8 Kinds Of Girls You'll *Definitely* Find In A Girl’s Hostel!
'Girls will be girls' holds as true as 'Men will be men'. We're crazy, moody, fun…we are who we are! Each one of us is one of a kind and when all kinds come together... Well do I need to say anything further! Here are a bunch of different girls one definitely gets to meet in a girls’ hostel!

1. The one who was born with a broom and a dustpan!

There was one Monica in FRIENDS, and here, there are many. They may not be certified OCD patients, but they can't tolerate even a single spot of dirt in their room. The clothes must be well-arranged in wardrobes only and not recklessly thrown on chairs. The study table is meant for studying and dining table is meant for dining. There’s just no compromising!

2. The one who can survive without oxygen, but not without her cell phone!

There are some girls who deserve a big 'Thank You' from all the mobile companies out there. They may be seen wandering in the hostel corridors talking out loud to their boyfriends, friends and even friends of friends! You might get tired of constantly warning them to hush their voice but they won't get tired of their never-ending sessions of chit-chat. Thank God earphones were invented long ago!

2 girls at every hostel

3. The one who leaves Sonam Kapoor behind in the race of fashionistas!

Not all girls dress up for boys! There are some who just look ramp-ready all the time. Be it going to the mess for lunch or taking an evening walk in the hostel garden - they just can't afford to let anybody see their messy hair & 'no make-up look'. Their rooms are perfectly clean until they have to decide what to wear. Every girls' hostel has its own Blake Lively and Lady Gaga who're all set to flaunt what they've got!

4. The one who does not give a damn about anything happening outside her textbooks!

No hostel tales are complete without mentioning a 'Naina' from YJHD. They may be found in one of the corners of a girls’ hostel, with their nose buried in a book. They take pride in repeating the same clothes to college so that they can save that extra money to buy a new book. Gossiping is not their thing. Also sometimes your habit of listening to loud music and not letting them switch on lights for late night studies may raise a few eyebrows.

4 girls at every hostel

5. The one who has a patent on everything you had, everything you have and everything you will ever have!

So you definitely know that one girl who won’t hesitate in wearing your brand new dress while you're still thinking of unpacking it. She just won’t hold back on using your facewash as her handwash and your expensive face moisturizer as her body lotion. Yup, true story!

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6. The one who knows what you still don't know about yourself!

If C.I.D. is looking for a secret agent, this girl will fit perfectly into that role. Who has broken up with whom, who has patched up with whom, who says what about whom and so on. They know everything about everyone!

6 girls at every hostel

7. The one who pays more visits to the doctor than to the beauty parlour itself!

Every girls' hostel has at least one girl who treats herself as the most helpless & hopeless patient of the world and has more medicines in her closet than clothes! Even a slight headache gives her the horrifying idea of suffering from brain tumour. Be ready to go along with her midnight tantrums (after all she is too sick to sleep!) and console her that everything is gonna be alright (even though your heart screams, "she is totally fine man!").

8. The one who takes 'My Life My Rules' a bit too seriously!

"Rules are made to be broken"... This phrase is meant to be the punchline of this type of girls. They are rebellious enough to ignore all “do's” and try all “don'ts” of the hostel. Moreover, all hell breaks loose when the warden tries to confront them!

8 girls at every hostel

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