8 Fights You ONLY Have With Your Jiju!

8 Fights You ONLY Have With Your Jiju!
When your sister gets married, her time and attention don’t remain for you alone to enjoy...for now you’ve got to share them with her husband too. And even though you grow to love your brother-in-law as much as you love your sister, you can’t help but fight with him over her - and, sometimes, even for her. Here are 8 fights you only have with your jiju!

1. The "she loves you more than me" fight

‘Coz you just can’t fathom how in so short a time your jiju has won her over and has become almost as important to her as you.

2. The "she never has any time for me any more" fight

‘Coz sometimes you want your sister’s undivided time and attention to help you deal with your life’s crises - but it seems like a distant reality, what with her many new responsibilities as a wife.

fights with your jiju

3. The "you're the reason I don't live with her" fight

And on days when you want to come back home to your sister and just talk to her in person instead of over the phone, and you realise you can’t - yes, her husband bears the brunt of it!

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4. The “why can’t she stay with me for longer” fight

When your sister comes over to stay with you, and days just fly away and it’s time for her to leave - but you don’t wanna let go of her.

fights with your jiju

5. The “I am going to name the baby” fight

Because, being a maasi is the best feeling ever, where you practically feel like it’s not your sister’s but your own child - of course no one else should then get the honour of naming the child - no, not even the father. :P 

6. The “let’s order Chinese vs let’s eat Italian today” fight

Well, you don’t wanna eat pasta again, and your jiju is craving for it - and your sister couldn’t care less as long as you all get to eat.

fights with your jiju

7. The “I will drive” fight

Because, why not?

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8. The “he is a nice guy” fight

When your jiju acts super protective of you around some guy you actually like, but your jiju thinks he means trouble. Uff!

fights with your jiju

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