words to stop using for women

9 Words We NEED To Stop Using To Describe Women!

Neena M.T.

Guest Contributor

We all know no woman should ever have to face discrimination on the basis of her gender - it's Human Rights 101. But centuries of living in a patriarchal world might have made us immune to terms in our daily conversations that are frankly quite insulting to women and womanhood. Here are a few words that actually mean more than they appear to be - stop using them!

1. Bossy

Because it's used to undermine strong women in the workplace - when men with a similar demeanour are hailed for their "leadership qualities".

2. Aggressive...

… Is more often than not, a word used to describe an "assertive" woman. There's a fine line between the two.

2- words to stop using for women

3. Diva

This word trivialises the sometimes legitimate concerns of a woman - and might even stop her from voicing it out the next time.

4. B**ch

This is just an obvious one.

4- words to stop using for women

5. Females

When you call a group of women "females", you are looking at them solely on the basis of their gender. And women are much more than their organs.

6. Hormonal

Because my monthly period does not determine my intelligence or the logic behind my reasoning. Okay?

6- words to stop using for women

7. Slut

Because slut-shaming is just plain judgemental and reeks of double standards.

8. Nag

For some reason, the trope of a "nagging wife" has become commonplace in India, whether in films or in advertisements. It's a very unfair word to call someone who might be concerned and persistent about an important matter.

8- words to stop using for women

9. Doll

"You're such a doll" sounds very sweet and harmless. But it does take on an ominous tone when you think about what a doll actually is - an inanimate object usually used for play or display. Umm, pass!

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Published on May 02, 2016
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