The Real Reason Some Guys Love It When A Girl Is On Top!

The Real Reason Some Guys Love It When A Girl Is On Top!
We love to be on top in bed, we really do. But sometimes we love it even more when you're the one on top! Wondering why? Well, it's actually quite simple, you see...

We would never admit to be being lazy when it comes to sex. Nope, just can't. Even when we're at our most tired, we can find enough energy for it, we're certain of that. But offering us a scenario in which we get to have sex with you and we don't even have to do any - or, much, anyway - work? Well, can you really blame us if we just jump at that chance?

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Secondly, we get to explore so much more with our hands (and mouths too actually)! Our hands are more or less free to either just relax and enjoy the show OR just touch you all over to make you feel (even more!) amazing. Like your boobs, for example. We seriously love that moment when we're having sex and we can also play with your nipples. The look on your face then is totally priceless!

And, oh, the view! As we’ve mentioned, we really like your face. And yes, we know that your hair can sometimes hide you in that position. But just the overall view from our position under you… You, completely exposed, taking control and working to pleasure the both of us… Well, it'll be pretty hard to convince us that anything could be more beautiful than that. Seriously.

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Also, let's not forget that we also love this position because you apparently love it! We've heard you have better orgasms this way (or so they say), so who are we to complain about it? Anytime you feel like it, please go ahead! We won't complain, we swear. ;-)

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