#FashionDiaries: The Day My Skirt Got Ripped In Class!

#FashionDiaries: The Day My Skirt Got Ripped In Class!
It was a few years back, when I was at design school. I would generally put in an extra effort to dress up for class because we had presentations almost every second day. Being dressed to nail the project was really important for me, and especially as a design student, I thought it really counted!

So, one of those days I wore a crisp cerulean cotton blue pencil skirt with my ruffled white top and formal shoes to class. The presentation was scheduled for 5 PM and we had to present to the first and second years as it was our pre-final presentation. Our class director thought it would be a great experience for the juniors.

I was nervous the whole day, but was trying to keep my calm by participating in the class activities. In one of the merchandising lectures, I wanted to ask a question and thus got up from my seat to be heard clearly - and that’s when something happened and I was totally taken aback.

skirt got torn in class

I heard something tear while I was standing up and I suddenly fell silent - I knew it was my skirt! I completely forgot what I was going to say because I just literally wanted to sit down and hide my back. I was sitting in the second row and everyone behind me could get a full view of my back. So in my head, thoughts like, “OMG! The boys sitting behind me can see EVERYTHING!”, “Is it torn all the way till the hemline?”, “What should I do now?” were popping up one after the other.

I fumbled with the question I was going to ask, my hand slowly going towards the back. I got awkward stares from everyone and I was standing there embarrassed to the core in front of my classmates. “They are all judging me”, I thought! All that and more was down the drain and to add on top of that I was wearing a thong to avoid VPL.

I was trying to make my breathing normal and calm down the rapid palpitations, when I excused myself and went of out the classroom, slowly walking sideways to avoid any further view of my torn skirt.

I reached the washroom and realised that yes, the skirt was gaping open for about four inches but nothing was visible to anyone, all thanks to the satin lining underneath the skirt.

BannerPink 500px

Phew, I did really get saved! The light colored skirt, the tearing noise, the question that I had to ask!

Either way, I got through the presentation using some hacks I had seen on YouTube about how to fix torn seams with safety pins, and sailed through the presentation.

Of course, I did avoid turning around and moving too much - and in the future avoided wearing pencil skirts to class too!

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