#HeSays: 11 Things Guys Do When They Fall In Love!

#HeSays: 11 Things Guys Do When They Fall In Love!
Yeah, yeah, men aren't always the most expressive, we get that. And even if we haven't let you in on the fact that we're head over heels in love with you, there are some thing we all do that are sure to give it away. Yes, we're totally aware of these and we still can't keep ourselves from doing any of them.

1. Find reasons to see you as often as possible even if they're really lame and totally nonsensical.

We just want to spend as much time with you as possible.

2. Feel the need to check up in you all the time...

Just to know that you're having a good day or if you’ve reached home safe.

3. Social media stalk you! Yes, we're totally guilty of this.

We want to keep looking at your pictures, even if some of them are from May 2011!  

3 When guys fall in love

4. Just stare at you for god knows how long because it's just not something we can get tired of doing.

Please don't get creeped out by this? Let's just call it us being a bit filmy.

5. Imagine a scenario in the future in which we're together…

Yes, we also think about happily-ever-after occasionally, though there might be less flowers and more sex in them. So, sue us! Love and sex kind of go hand in hand. ;-)

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6. Talk to our friends about you...

Even if half of the time all we're saying is, "Abbe, teri bhabhi hai!"

6 when guys fall in love

7. Talk to YOUR friends about you and find out what you like and dislike.

Also, great way to get into your good books!

8. Put in that extra effort when we meet you…

Yes, sometimes we even go to the extent of ironing our shirts!

9. Ditch our friends for a chance to see you...

You see, a bro understands when you choose a girl over him. We have a code. It's allowed.

9 when guys fall in love

10. Pause our video game when you call - and don't you go claiming that that's not a big thing!

Because if you're beating Call Of Duty on our list of priorities, then you really do mean a lot to us.

11. Praise literally everything about you. Your hair, your smile, your clothes, your jokes, your ringtone, you nailpaint…

We notice everything and we love it ALL.

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