What Really Happens When Your Sister Has A Baby!

What Really Happens When Your Sister Has A Baby!
You were the centre of attention at her wedding – everyone had their eyes on you, you looked almost as gorgeous as the bride (okay, maybe you looked second best)! You coordinated the décor, catering, entertainment, airport pick-drops, guests’ hair appointments, et al – hell, you ran the show! But your moment of glory is over, you poor little sister, because the focus just shifted - here comes the baby!

1. You’re Not The Baby

You may have always been the baby sister, and the baby of the family, but there’s an actual ‘baby’ in the family now!

2. Baby Shopping Only

For a few months, or maybe even years, you may have to be less vocal about that cutesy dress, or the gorgeous heels you took a fancy to at the mall. Because chances are, all that anyone is going to be talking about is baby clothes!

sister has a baby

3. Priority #2…

Or maybe not even that! Your sister loves you to bits, without a doubt. But the attention got divided just when she got herself a husband; and now there’s a baby too! Need we say more?

4. Baby Talk. All The Way!

For a significant amount of time, the only conversations that’ll happen at your home will be about the baby. The shopping to be done for the baby, the massages, the baby’s food, the sleep pattern, his/her bowel movements, the mother’s health – the list is never-ending.

sister has a baby

5. Gifts!!

Rather than the gifts coming your way - because you’re not the cute little newborn and neither are you the mommy of the newborn – you’ll be the one showering gifts on your two favorite people!

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6. Pamper-less

Dear former baby of the family, be rest assured that all the pampering that was meted out to you all these years, is a thing of the past now. The pampering shall now be the mommy and her baby’s right.

sister has a baby

7. Oh The Joy!

And of course, the baby’s arrival has many perks! Babysitting is fun, girls. Besides, the company of the newborn can be a lot of fun. You can even hone your styling skills  – experiment with multiple looks for the little one! It’s pure joy, for you and for the everyone in the house, we say.

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