10 Things Your Parents Want To Tell You Before The Shaadi | POPxo
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Home > Wedding > Wedding Ideas & Tips > Wedding Planning
 10 Things Your Parents Want To Tell You Before The Shaadi

10 Things Your Parents Want To Tell You Before The Shaadi

You have always been your parents’ little girl but now it is time for you to get married and start a new chapter in your life. So, before daddy’s princess enters the phase of marriage, here are a few things your parents want you to know. To all the daughters who are getting married, this one is from your parents.

1. Nothing Is Going To Change

You will always be our daughter and nothing in this world can change that. This will always be your home and you can come here whenever you want. 1 parents want to tell daughters before she gets married

2. Respect and Take Care of Your In-Laws

It will not happen overnight but you have to make an effort to understand his parents and love them as you have loved us. Learn to accept them and create a bond with them. Also, just the way you would want him to make a special effort with your family members, you too will need to value all relationships equally.

3. First Year Of Marriage

Marriage will bring many changes to your lifestyle. There will be things you will have to do in your new home which you would have never done here or you might have to tweak your lifestyle a bit. As the relationships deepen, you will create your own space. parents want to tell daughters before she gets married

4. We Are All One

Do not ever feel that once you are married, we are two different families. Your marriage has made our family even bigger and we all are one big, happy family.

5. Always Respect and Love Each Other

Every relationship has its ups and downs. You both have to always stand by each other and be each other’s support. There will be times when you both will hate each other and be furious with each other. At that time, remember that you both are imperfect and you both need to never give up on each other and together make a perfect marriage.
5 parents want to tell daughters before she gets married

6. Follow Your Heart and Always Respect Yourself

There will be times when you will be questioned over your decisions. Always respect the opinion of others but after weighing the pros and cons, follow your heart. The impact of your decision might be in your favour and if not, then it would at least be a lesson.

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7. Face the Hardships

At times, you will want to run away from situations as you might feel that you cannot handle them any more. We have always taught you to face the situation rather than running away from them. Understand the problem and find a solution and if you ever need us, you know we are always just a phone call away. 7 parents want to tell daughters before she gets married

8. Relationships Change

You will be spending time with new people and will not be able to give time to your old relationships. Giving less time to old relationships does not mean you care or love them less. So never feel guilty, we as your parents will understand this.

9. Do Not Lose Yourself While Forming New Relationships

You will share your life with him and it is important but do not forget yourself. In giving time and attention to everyone else, do not forget your hobbies, passions and dreams. Always take out time for yourself.
9 parents want to tell daughters before she gets married

10. We Are Always There For You

Our blessings are always going to stay with you. No matter where you are in life, you will always have us there for you. No matter how old you get, for us you will always be our little princess. GIFs: Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 10 Things Your Mum Wants To Tell You Before You Get Married! MUST-READ: 10 Cute Things To Do With Your Family Before The Wedding!
Published on May 17, 2016
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