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What Kind Of Ex Are You?! Your Zodiac Says...

What Kind Of Ex Are You?! Your Zodiac Says...
Apart from everything else your ex boyfriend did or did not do for you, he definitely got you in touch with a side of yourself that you never knew existed, until he left. Here is the kind of ex you make, according your zodiac...


When you’re in love, Aries, you give your relationship everything you have - mind, body, soul, and time. So a breakup leaves you in a weird state - where you no longer know what to do with all the energy and emotion brewing inside of you. The ex who emerges from this upheaval is one who gets too busy trying to distract herself. From getting your hair colored to chopping it off to doing just anything else that’ll distract your mind - you’ll try it all.
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You’re the ex who pulls the vanishing act on all people around her post break up. You, Taurus, would probably sit online, deliberately cut off all ties with him and any common friends, withdraw from the world outside - and then come out stronger than ever before. kind of ex


Out goes the old, in comes the new - for there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Well, that’s the kind of ex you make. It’s not that breakups don’t hurt you, but you don’t give them the power to break you. You make some lifestyle changes, shift cities if you have to, but mainly keep repeating to yourself that something or someone better will happen to you - and more often than not, it does. kind of ex


Oh, Cancer, you don’t just love, you fall head-over-heels in love with everything he does, with everything he is. And when things fail, you get down to proving to him that he just lost the best he ever had. You are the ex who will make sure her partner knows what he’s missing out on - no, not because you want him to crawl back to you, but because he needs to know he’s the one who lost out, not you. kind of ex


You’re just so used to getting attention from everyone around you that when you break up with the person who gave you the most attention - you get busy pretending you don’t lack it. Yes, you put up more statuses, post more pictures and kinda try to make the world believe that everything’s great in your life - till you start believing it too.
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You aren’t one to forgive and forget, Virgo. You are the kind of ex who wants her ex partner to feel just as bad as she is about the break up. And if you don’t see that happen, you find it hard to completely let go. Although, you only need to see that because you like to believe that what you had was real. kind of ex banneryellow_500px


You aren’t the kind to plot a revenge or seek to cause even a little harm to your ex, Libra - but you aren’t gonna let common friends become collateral damage in your breakup. So you focus on keeping them close even if you have to let him go. kind of ex


Oh, you can fight ugly if you want, Scorpio. You aren’t one to sit in a corner and wallow. A break up does hit you really hard, though. You resort to venting out to friends about all that happened. Although you don’t like playing the victim, you don’t like people feeling that someone else was the victim either. You make your stance very clear and aren’t shy about talking about the break up to anyone who asks. kind of ex


You are the ever optimist, Sagittarius - and even when you go through a heart break, you tell yourself that maybe what happened, happened for the greater good. You will hold no grudges, wish him well and look forward to better things.
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You, Capricorn, are the kind of ex who makes her partner feel guilty about all things that went wrong. No, you aren’t playing victim, you’re just trying to match the hurt you felt by making him feel guilty too. kind of ex


You are a strong person who knows how to deal with life, but heartbreaks aren’t easy. And even when you do try to hide what you’re going through from the world outside, you feel a void that you know only something or someone else can fill. You’re the ex who will find an activity or person to obsess about, in order to take your mind off things. kind of ex


You believe in the greater workings of the universe, and the creative side of you is always looking for inspiration from your own life experiences - good and bad. So, when you break-up, you feel the emotions and let them truly sink in. You even sometimes resort to writing down your feelings or talking about your newly found emotions with people who want to hear you out. kind of ex Images: Giphy, Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: How Does He Show His Love For You? His Zodiac Says… MUST-READ: What Sex Position Should You Definitely Try? Your Zodiac Says…