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What Kind Of Bride Will You Be?! Your Zodiac Says...

What Kind Of Bride Will You Be?! Your Zodiac Says...
The kind of person you are will translate into the kind of bride you’ll make on your wedding day. And your zodiac can reveal how chirpy, emotional or scared a bride you will be. Here’s what it says:


You have a style of your own in everything you do, Aries, and even as a bride, you’ll be busy adding your own element to all preparations and rituals going around you. You won’t be the bride who sits aside and focuses on getting herself pampered, but you’ll be the kind who runs around helping her mum with her saree, instructs the wedding planner on the kind of flowers and lights she loves and teaches her besties how to choreograph the sangeet too.
Kind of Bride


The forever practical Taurus will amass herself a trousseau that’ll be the envy of all present in the bride brigade. She will make sure that no useless expenditure takes place in the name of the wedding, and from day one will make lists and prepare plans to get only the best for herself, and yet manage to stay within the budget. The Taurus bride will be quite a sight, just like her wedding. Kind of Bride


If you could, you would have a destination wedding, Gemini, ’coz that’s just the kind of person you are - free and curious about all things new. But destination wedding or not, your wedding will still be an affair that people will remember long after it’s over for you will add never-seen-before elements to it and do things that no bride has ever before. You are the kind of bride who would ditch wearing red at her wedding, who would let her hair flow down instead of tie it up, who would dance all night. If there ever was a badass bride - it’d be you. Kind of Bride


If it was only your own emotions you had to deal with you’d be fine - but weddings are about happy, sad, nostalgic sentiments floating in from all corners, from all relatives, and that’s really a bit too much for you. You’ll probably be the bride who’d be chirpy one minute, and would start crying the very next. You’d be the bride who’d look around her old room and burst into tears and would insist on spending time alone with everything and everyone before she leaves.
Kind of Bride


You aren’t the bride at your wedding, you’re the queen of the show, Leo. Or, at least, that’s how you hope things turn out to be. You are the bride who feels she deserves to look the best, deserves to feel the best, and deserves to have all eyes and attention on her. You may throw a few tantrums around too, but not because you are annoyed at people around you, but because in your head you have already been crowned. Kind of Bride


You, Virgo, are the unofficial wedding planner at your own wedding, No, not because others didn’t offer to take responsibilities off your shoulder but because you just can’t let anything be less than perfect on your big day - and so you oversee it yourself. We’d really advice you to delegate work and let yourself be pampered, or face the danger of turning into a bridezilla. Kind of Bride


Oh Libra, you’d make the happiest bride one ever saw. Your wedding has everything you want in one place - the people you care about celebrating and dancing to your happiness. What’s not to love and feel happy about, right? Kind of Bride Banner Teal


You are the bride who will do things her way and just as she likes them, ’coz it’s your wedding and no one else gets as big a say as you do. From the colour of your wedding lehenga to the amount of jewellery you’ll wear, to the people you want to invite - no, you won’t worry about pleasing anybody but yourself at your wedding.
Kind of Bride


You’re gonna be the chilled-out bride who will enjoy all the attention, pampering and gifts she is getting. You will have fun at your wedding and dance even though, at times, the thought of leaving your home and your parents will make you want to not marry, at all. Kind of Bride


You’d be the bride who won’t be interested in shopping only for her trousseau but would also be equal parts interested in knowing about and actively participating in all the rituals that are happening around her. You will live the experience that weddings are, and find joy and significance in each moment. Kind of Bride


Oh, you don’t want it grand Aquarius - you just want it all. When you do decide to be a bride to the man of your dreams, you will want all things traditional mixed with all things quirky. As much as you’d like to have a typical, traditional ceremony, your heart would also ask of you to elope and make a great story. Kind of Bride


You want your wedding to not just be fun for you but for all your guests too and so you would look after their needs too. You’ve always been a creative person at heart who likes to add a touch of her own to her surroundings, and so at your wedding, one would see frills and delicates done up by the bride or at her request. You’d be the perfect hostess.
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