9 Things That Happen To Guys During Sex - You Had NO Idea!!

9 Things That Happen To Guys During Sex - You Had NO Idea!!
That’s the thing about all things weird - they just happen. There’s nothing you can do to prevent them, but it’s still good to know that they might happen, especially when you’re um, skoodilypooping (Yes, I mean making out with your boyfriend). Here are 9 weird things you had no idea happen to guys during sex!

1. Their world pauses for a few seconds after they orgasm…

Men experience a slight delay between orgasm and ejaculation. It’s like they hit the pinnacle, experience an orgasm, a few seconds pass and then they ejaculate and want to collapse like they’ve just run a marathon.

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2. In some cases, they have no evidence to give for the mind-blowing orgasm they just had.

Yeah, some men don’t ejaculate despite having an orgasm. We know it’s a bit hard to believe, but non-ejaculatory orgasms do exist - and while they are a slightly rare sight, they aren’t abnormal.

3. They um, don’t always enjoy sex as much, and fake it for your sake sometimes too.

And you thought only you could do it, didn’t you? Sorry to disappoint you, but men can fake just as well. The reason remains the same - none of us want our partners to doubt his/her performance. We all have good days and bad, it’s okay, really.

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4. During an erection, their “asset” may become slightly, well, bendy.

Don’t freak out, it’s not gonna affect his performance in any way. Erect and flaccid penises do look very different for every guy - but for a quarter of them, even an erect penis can be slightly bent. However, if it does cause a problem during penetration, it’s always a good idea to suggest to him to get himself professionally checked.

5. They may fantasize about someone else while having sex with their partners… Just like you.

Don’t you try to disagree now, for all of us have done it at some point or another. What the mind screens while nearing the orgasm, only the mind knows. We really have no control over it, and random faces do pop up.

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6. Their endurance has nothing to do with how many weights they lift, but how much they actually weigh.

Yeah, so sweating it out in the gym will not always translate into him sweating it out just as long in bed too. In fact, according to a study, guys with a higher BMI last longer than their skinnier counterparts.

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7. They can’t really tell when you’ve had an orgasm, and get quite confused actually.

‘Coz unlike men, we women have little proof to give for our orgasms - apart from that happy look on our faces most of the time! So guys actually get quite confused when they’re doing something new that we seem to be enjoying - they just can’t figure out if we’re shrieking in pleasure and want them to continue or are shrieking in pain and want them to stop!

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8. That sexy, new move you did for him - he has stored and saved it in his memory for later use.

Yup, when you pull off a new move on him that totally blows his mind, chances are he’d probably pause, replay it in his head and save it for some day in the future - when you’re not around or not in the mood, and he still needs to get off.

9. They’re always wondering if they can try some new move on you, from their fantasy checklist!

Well, that’s just how men are. They have a bottomless fantasy checklist that they can’t wait to tick stuff off from!

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