8 Surprising Ways To Use Your Phone Photos (Not Just For DPs!)

8 Surprising Ways To Use Your Phone Photos (Not Just For DPs!)
Gone are the days when one of us had to go running to the nearest shop to buy AA batteries because the film/digital camera can’t work without them and there is a precious “Kodak” moment slipping by! As smartphones become more accessible, it is now easier than ever to capture precious moments (like your cat and dog cuddling. Aww...). So here is a list of 8 cool things you can do with the pictures you take on your phone.

1. Show ‘em off!

Almost everyone you know uses at least one social media platform. Infact, these days it’s almost impossible to start a meal without clicking a picture of it first and sharing it on Instagram!  You can use various apps to edit your image before uploading them. If you do it well enough, you might end up with millions of followers and the most liked image of the year, like Kendall Jenner did last year.

2. Double exposure - artsy fun!

A fun way to use phone photos is to edit them on your laptop or computer to turn them into pretty collages or new, edited images. Not as tedious as these used to be in the case of film rolls, double exposures are fun and easy to create. You can use photo editing apps on your phone to edit what basically is one image on another, with the opacity slightly changed. Print these fun pictures out to use them as easy chic decor for your room.

2 inside ways to use phone photos

3. Animal lovers unite!

Animals are most unpredictable photo subjects so it’s always cool to be able to capture their cuteness. Also, you might not always be carrying your large cameras, but phones are constantly with us. So, if there is a stray animal in distress somewhere, it is helpful when we can take pictures and share it with the right people who can come and help.

4. Start a blog.

If you’re really into taking selfies and know that you’ve got a good dressing sense, then you can actually share your fashion gyaan with people who struggle with the same. You can take pictures of your daily outfits and post them on your blog with details of what you’ve worn and where you bought them from. It not only helps you gather a fan following, it also helps you build a very utilitarian blog. POPxo has it's own network of such aspiring bloggers - The POPxo Blog Network!

4 inside ways to use phone photos

5. Stop motion animation.

Stop motion is the simplest form of animation and is loved by all who love photography. It is a method of animation in which a scene is photographed multiple times, and the subject of the scene makes small changes in position in every photo. When these pictures are edited in a movie maker, the resulting video will show the subject moving around. You can also print out these photographs, place them serially and make fun flip books!

6. Sell your art

If you’re a budding artist and want to sell your work, it’s a good time to be alive! You can take pictures of your art with your phone and upload it to your social media accounts. This helps in two ways - (a) It’ll help you get clients; and (b) The picture quality of your phone cameras may be great, but it is not good enough for people to steal your work and blow it up to poster sizes.

6 inside ways to use phone photos

7.  Participate in photo contests

There are several photography competitions taking place in the world at all times. But most of them require high definition images clicked with DSLRs. But there are also mobile photography contests which are easy to enter and maybe even win. Instagram has many such pages which have monthly mobile photography contests and you could stand to win a lot of goodies!

8. Frame ‘em up!

You can print out small sizes of your phone pictures and frame them up to use as decor. All you need is a faithful printer to join the DIY bandwagon! And if you think that you don’t have pictures of you and your friends that are nice enough to print, then just make a D.I.Y photo booth in one corner the next time you have a party/get together. You can get amazing budget friendly ideas for such D.I.Y photo booths from sites like Pinterest.

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