7 Super Tips To Sweat Less This Summer (And Avoid Body Odour!)

7 Super Tips To Sweat Less This Summer (And Avoid Body Odour!)
Sure, the sun shine can help brighten up a bad mood, but super high temperatures coupled with humidity can turn you into a puddle of sweat. Being a hot mess when you mean “hot” literally isn’t such a good thing! Even worse is when all that sweat is accompanied with body odor. Hello, embarrassment central! If you know the feeling too, here are 7 ways to stop sweating and prevent body odor.

1. Say No To Spice

Ways to stop sweating and prevent body odor

Did you know that spicy food makes you sweat more? That’s why you should cut it out of your diet. Garlic, cloves and onions (which are basically part of EVERY Indian dish) are not only difficult for your body to digest, but they also make you sweat a lot. They make your sweat smell somewhat unpleasant too. That’s why you need to change the way you eat. Eat food that’s a little less spicy and masaledar, boiled or steamed. Don’t forget to eat your fresh vegetables and fruits too!

2. Shower More Often!

If you tend to sweat too much and have an odor issue, then, you should be showering more often. Instead of once a day, make it twice or even thrice in this sticky weather. Pick an antibacterial or deodorant soap as it will wipe the odor-causing bacteria away and it make you feel fresh and smell yum.  

3. Baby Wipes And Deo To The Rescue

Ways to stop sweating and prevent body odor

Especially when you’re travelling, make sure you’re carrying baby wipes and your handy deodorant always with you. They’re perfect for quick touch-ups and you can instantly feel fresh after you use either of them.

4. Time For A Wardrobe Makeover

Ditch the synthetic clothes; opt for cotton or athletic clothing instead. These fabrics absorb moisture and don’t irritate the skin. Loose clothing instead of body-hugging clothes is a wise choice.

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5. Always Stay Dry

Ways to stop sweating and prevent body odor

If you keep yourself dry, the odor causing bacteria will have a hard time breeding. They will ultimately die from absence of moisture. Changing out of sweat clothes often, air-conditioned rooms, antibacterial powder and relaxation can beat the stress and the sweat at the same time!

6. Drink Water All Day, Every Day

Since water is a neutral substance, it helps reduce the formation of bacteria in the intestines and skin pores. In addition, it also helps flush the toxins from the body and improves the texture of the skin. The more water you drink, the better!

7. Try Some ACV!

Ways to stop sweating and prevent body odor

When comes to destroying odor-causing bacteria, apple cider vinegar is the best! Since it is too harsh to use on the skin directly , you will have to dilute it with water. Put the solution in a spray container and spray it on your underarms or feet to smell fresh and feel way fresher.

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