heat up your wedding night

6 Ways To Make Your Wedding Night *Super* Hot!

Manasvi Abhishek Jaitly

Wedding Editor

Oh, all the advice and naughty nudges we’ve got for this one big night of our lives! Sex on the wedding night is special, whether you’ve both done it before or if you’ve been saving yourself for marriage. Sex as newlyweds is a totally different thing! But thanks to our shaadis that go on forever it’s natural to be exhausted by the time you finally get to be alone and rock your boat… Here are 6 ways to heat up things and have the best sex ever!

1. Set the mood

If you want good sex without the worry of people listening in on you, book a hotel room for your first night - no compromises here! The plushness of a hotel room, dim lights and some romantic music. It’s enough to make you want to get all down and dirty!

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2. Draw a bath

Nothing like a warm bath in the tub after the hecticness of wedding ceremonies. Request the hotel staff to draw you a bath complete with rose petals and candles. A hot soak is a great way to relax your body, get over all the wedding stress and it’s also extremely intimate. Soak your body into his as you both prepare for a night of love.

heat up your wedding night

3. Sexy lingerie = best sex ever!

Sexy bridal lingerie is a major turn on, girls. Satin or lace, peek-a-boo bras or crotchless panties - you’ve got to hunt for something that’s sure to set your man’s heart racing. Pair that with a sheer babydoll and we bet not just will you feel sexy, it’ll also send him into a frenzy.

4. Undress slowly and make sure he’s watching

Trust us, it’s the ultimate form of seduction! Take off every bit of clothing. Just make the whole process real slow and real sexy. Play with his patience and build up the excitement. It’ll leave him restless and to see your man like that, well it’s such a confidence boost. And oh, do keep those heels on! Barely there essentials and heels are a combination to kill.

heat up your wedding night

5. Try the ‘no hands’ policy!

It’s wildly exciting to see but not touch. Put those handcuffs to good use and put him under arrest. Walk around the room naked, bend over, get onto the bed slowly, kiss him long and deep, and gently touch him at all the right places. To see and feel and kiss you, yet not be able to touch you… nothing will drive him more mad. And well, sex is insanely great when the power is all in your hands. ;)

6. Talk dirty

heat up your wedding night

Because nothing is a greater turn on than talking dirty with your partner. No matter how exhausted the wedding had been, it just takes a little dirty talk to put both your bodies into the sex mode. Whisper into his ear just what awaits him or let him know how you like it - loud and clear. It’s such a rush to have your woman talk dirty to you. A night of passion awaits you, the new Mrs.

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Published on May 05, 2016
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