Are You Really In *Love* With Him? 7 Ways To Figure It Out!

Are You Really In *Love* With Him? 7 Ways To Figure It Out!
Call it the modern day curse, but love stories today are way more complicated than they were in the times of our grandparents, or parents even. Maybe because “being in a relationship” has become more important to us than “being in love”?! Well, if you catch yourself wondering whether you are in love, or if it’s something much less, here’s how you can tell the difference. Help us help you sort your love life out...

1. You talk to him every day.

Love: You ask him how his day was and tell him how yours was. It’s like your day has to end with knowing that he is fine, and sharing with him the ups and downs of your own day - because the world just feels a lot better when he’s by your side.

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Or, Habit? You are just so used to finding texts and calls waiting from him, that you feel weird when your phone doesn’t ring. You still pick it up to see if you missed a message from him, and if you didn’t, you text him instead. But, on days when you are busy at work, or out with friends, this need to talk to him significantly diminishes.

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2. Your make-out sessions are amazing.

Love: You plant him soft, soft kisses and feel so comfortable and beautiful in your nakedness in his presence. The sex is amazing, yes, but it’s the intimacy that makes you feel even more close to him. There are real emotions between the two of you, which makes your sex life really satisfying.

Or, Lust? Your kisses are urgent, just like your movements are. You are always thinking of having sex with him, of trying new things out, of teasing and seducing him. It’s more about getting to the act and feeling physically fulfilled than emotionally attached.

3. You catch yourself looking at him, often.

Love: You two are having a quiet dinner, and you just look at him eating his food and realise how cute he really is - and smile to yourself at his little habits, because you realise you are madly in love with him.

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Or, Attraction? You’re with a group of friends, and he walks in in that white shirt and has done his hair the way you like - he just looks so delicious that you can’t take your eyes off him.

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4. You keep thinking about him.

Love: He is always on your mind - whether you’re crossing the street and pass the cafe you met at for your first date, or you hear someone mention a job vacancy that you know he’d be interested in. He’s never too far away from your thoughts.

Or, Crush? You’re watching a rom-com and hear that love song play, and you can’t help but picture yourself and him in it… And then you start replaying that conversation you had with him and re imagine it, this time infused with your idea of perfect love.

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5. You miss him.

Love: When he’s away for a few days, you miss the possibility of meeting him, you miss his reassuring smile, you miss his warm hugs that make you feel safe, you miss his advice that scares troubles away and you miss just being with him, doing nothing but feeling content.

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Or, Addiction? You miss someone being there to pamper you after a long day at work, someone who will listen to you vent out, say sweet things, plan surprises, take you out on dates and make your otherwise ordinary life, fun. You don’t miss him, you miss the idea of him.

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6. You share everything with him.

Love: Your worst fears, your lofty dreams, what makes you trip, and what hurts your heart. There is absolutely nothing you can’t share with him for the fear of being judged - for you know, come what may, he will understand you and why you are doing what you are.

Or, Friendship? You got that promotion, or you bumped into your ex - you’re gonna call him, narrate the incident to him, laugh at it or vent it out and get it out of your system. He is not the first person you’d call and tell, but he is one of the many people you’d call.

7. You have so much fun together.

Love: You’ve been together for years now, and yet you enjoy his company and he makes you laugh against your will, just like the first time you met. You can forget the troubles of the world with him, and just chill and have a good time.

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Or, Loneliness? You don’t want to stick around at home on weekends or holidays, especially when your colleagues and friends are out partying. He’s free too and what’s better is that he gives you attention and is funny - and you two have a good time together. But if you have some other friend over, you don’t really miss him or anything.

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