7 Ways A Wedding Planner Can Make Your Life Tension Free!

7 Ways A Wedding Planner Can Make Your Life Tension Free!
While I personally did enjoy planning every bit of my wedding on my own, I also do realize that maybe I shouldn’t have crossed out the idea of hiring a wedding planner. For some reason I believed that wedding planners are expensive, but little did I know that there’s one for every budget! So if you’re still in the initial phases of planning your dream shaadi, here are 7 reasons it maybe a good idea to get professional help.

1. They’ll take care of your budget

Wedding planners ensure to give you the best in the budget set by you. You don’t have to worry about overshooting your wedding budget under any circumstances. They are professionals and the best people to guide you about how your money will be split, how much certain things should cost, advance payments to vendors etc. They ensure that your money is handled smartly.

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2. Trusted vendors

Weddings involve too many vendors and to manage them all might get tricky. A planner always has their own database of vendors who they regularly work with. They have backups ready in case of an emergency and these vendors can be completely trusted. You don’t have to worry about last minute cancellations, hidden costs and exorbitant advance payments.

3. A wedding like no other!

You have too much on your mind when it comes to your own wedding. You may want a fairyland theme or something more Bollywood. You may have always dreamt of entering the venue on a palki, having a 3-tier cake on the cocktail night, a wishing tree or a super-cool photobooth. Wedding planners understand your vision like no one else and bring it to life. Doing it yourself may just be a long, tiring process with half-baked results.

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4. Your family can *actually* enjoy!

Yup! That’s true. My dad was running around all over the place during my wedding and was missing in action for most of the sangeet. Same with other family members who were busy handling the various arrangements. With a planner, you can rest assured that your near and dear ones will be able to enjoy and not miss out on anything. The team of planners are there on the D-day to take care of everything - from the arrangements, to the flow of the ceremony, the caterers to the guests.

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5. A must for destination weddings

Goes without saying! If you set out to plan your destination wedding on your own, well, it’ll only spell S-T-R-E-S-S. And without doubt, you’ll turn into a bridezilla! Making endless trips to the shaadi location, finding vendors, making travel arrangements and locating lodging options is just going to leave you and your family extremely exhausted. A planner ensures that everything is arranged for you, and all you have to do is pack your stuff and get ready for your vacation-cum-wedding!

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6. Perfection in CAPITALS!

You can expect complete perfection in everything. They are professionals when it comes to planning weddings and so you can expect only the best from them. No matter what you throw at them, they’ll ensure you have the perfect arrangements in every aspect for all your ceremonies.

7. More than just planners

They eat, sleep and drink weddings, and so can handle more than you ever expected. From advising you about your makeup, the newest trends in clothes and decor, to even consoling you when the emotions start kicking in. They can handle the situation when the family elders throw in their own set of demands and they are even experienced with handling drunk guests. From planning your shaadi to being a friend in need, they are there with you throughout the wedding journey.

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