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9 Kinds Of Girls You ALWAYS Meet While Shopping!

9 Kinds Of Girls You ALWAYS Meet While Shopping!
Shopping is our favourite ‘S’ word. We crave it, we love it and we definitely will never be able to live without it. We shop when we are happy and it most definitely lifts our spirits when we are sad. And while we all might have the same hobby, our shopping styles can be as different as chalk and cheese. We bring you 9 different kinds of girls you’re likely to find while shopping. Read on to find out which one is you ;)

1. The loyalists

These beings know what to buy and where to buy them from and their loyalty towards their brand is sacred. They like to stay up-to-date with all their favourite brands, any new arrivals and are well-versed with their prices as well. Oh! And they even take offence when you can’t pronounce the name of their favourite brand correctly. It's not “Mos-chino”, its “Moss-keen-oh”, okay? types of shoppers

2. The unreasonable bargainers

Bhaiya ye toh pichli shop main do sau ka mil raha hai” - sound familiar? This shopper knows how to get the best bargain. And let's admit it, we secretly seek their help too! They nag, insult, plead and become best friends with the shopkeeper until they give her the discount she needs. In short, they never give up. These girls are tough!

3. The sale seekers

These sleepy shoppers wake up only on one day of the season, the “big day” a.k.a sale time! This one word can turn their frown upside down and they tend to display the kind of energy you rarely see in them. They hop from store to store, compare all the deals available and then shop the best one. They take forever to get what they want but always come back with clothes at prices you can never imagine. types of shoppers

4. The listers

These kind of shoppers are complete control freaks. They are super organised when it comes to shopping. And as their name suggests, they like to make lists...lots of them. They are so organised that they know exactly where to go, what to shop for and when to leave. Let’s just say, their boyfriends love not having to wait endless hours while they make up their minds about what suits them best.

5. The competitive copycats

“You remember that dress she wore that night? I want the exact same one for my next date” - if you ever come across someone who frequently uses this line, you’re in the company of the competitive copycat. They always lust over something that someone else is wearing and then go out looking for the same outfit. Their obsession with the “same” outfit is so deep they don't settle for anything else. types of shoppers

6. The impulsive buyers

These buyers usually end up buying things even when they don’t need anything! For the impulsive buyer, going to a store means buying something - it's like a ritual for them. The good news? If you have a friend who is an impulsive buyer, you will definitely never running out of outfit options. ;)

7. Mother-daughter teams

A lot of girls will admit that shopping with their mom is the coolest (because it saves your money). There are often sightings of mother-daughter duos shopping at the mall together, and sometimes, even looking for similar outfits. Because moms know everything...and she’s usually generous. types of shoppers

8. Extra-friendly shoppers

Do you have a friend who goes to her favourite stores and spends more time talking to the attendants than shopping? She can be categorised as the extra-friendly shopper who loves to talk. These people are friends with almost all the sales persons at their fav mall. So much so, that they end up getting an employee discount on each purchase. Win-win!

9. The one-sizers

These effortless buyers fit into every shape and size and even look good in them. As a result, these girls don’t even queue up to use the trial room because they are very sure of what they fit into and what looks good at them. You’ll find these women surrounded by others eyeing them with a lot of envy! types of shoppers No matter what kind of shopper you are, the Wooplr fashion carnival has something in store for each one of you. This carnival starts from the 13th of May and lasts till the 5th of June. With super fun games, exclusive steals and limited edition collections, this is one carnival you surely don’t want to miss. Speaking of amazing steals, you have a chance of winning upto Rs 1 lakh worth of shopping. What are you waiting for? * This is a sponsored post for Wooplr. GIFs: Giphy