There are 10 Types Of Shoppers in Our World. Which One Are You?

There are 10 Types Of Shoppers in Our World. Which One Are You?
Contrary to popular belief, shopping is not a random act of indulgent splurging (well, not all the time!). As any anthropologist or dedicated shopper will tell you, there are different ways in which different individuals approach this therapeutic (at least in my books) activity. Not sure what we’re getting at? Well we decoded the characteristic traits of various kinds of shoppers after a quick trip to the mall (only because the subjects had to be observed in their natural habitat, you know). We came back laden with shopping bags (sorry not sorry) and 10 categories that best summarise the shoppers out there. Which set do you fall under?

The Compulsive Shopper

Compulsive Shopper

Friends and family are always tching about how this type has a ‘shopping abuse’ problem, a claim they vehemently deny. And then go on and buy an expensive pair of shoes, well, just because. This is the type of spendthrift credit card companies just love, the girl who falls sick if she doesn’t shop every other day and is the one who instantly came to your mind when you read Confessions Of A Shopaholic. “When I shop, the world gets better, but then it's not, and I need to do it again,” are the words they live by! Retail therapy over therapists, right?

The Impulsive Shopper

Impulsive Shopper

Don’t confuse them with the compulsive shoppers. It’s not like shopping is a self-actualising experience for them. These women, on the other hand, are the victims of flights of fancy. They’ll hoard on a whim, only to drown in guilt (and unpaid credit card bills) the next morning.

The Me-Too Shopper

Me too shopper

The only query they make after your wardrobe is “Where did you get that?” This is what probably goes on in their minds: “Oh, wasn’t Priya wearing this very dress to dinner last week? I must get it in my size too. And Neha just got the Alexander McQueen Knuckle Box, perhaps I should buy the same instead of the Bottega Veneta Knot I was planning on getting.” Get the drift?

The Window Shopper

Window Shoppers

Call them gazers; call them onlookers or even strollers, shoppers they are not! This is the category of mall goers sales staffs despise the most. Personally, it beats me why anyone would hit the stores without any intent to buy.

The Clueless Shopper

clueless shopper

This kind is as lost as Alice in Wonderland. They just don’t know what to get — clearly being spoilt for choice doesn’t sit well with them. You’ll either spot them with a friend or their mother, dictating what to buy or find them WhatsApping images to a trusty advisor.

The Accidental Shopper

the meticulous shopper

These girls could easily make personal shopping their full time profession. Besties, sisters, aunts, mothers, boyfriends and even brothers have them on speed dial for their shopping expertise. And they never turn down a shopper-in-distress. That would be blasphemy, wouldn’t it? But ‘helping’ someone else shop often turns into a splurge fest of their own. Every single time. No exceptions.

The Occasional Shopper…no, Splurger

the spludger

They don’t feel the need to get a new variation of the same 'ol printed tee on a weekly basis. They have enough clothes to last them a while, they’ll say (hard to believe, but such women do exist). But once they enter the shop, God help their wallet. They go all out and no reasoning can stop them. Which is why they probably stay away in the first place.

The Meticulous Shopper

Meticulous shopper

They approach shopping with the precision of army personnel, a woman on a mission, if you may. This shopper can’t imagine going in blind. A through research is conducted, lists are made and the final act of shopping is clean and simple. No casualties, no time wasted, not a moment of doubt either.

The (Addicted) Online Shopper

online shopping

They clock in countless hours online — memorising the brand directory of every major online store or hitting refresh till their favourite brand finally goes on sale, would be my guess. When it comes to the online shopping sphere, they know it all — from who has free shipping and who’s hosting a flash sale to who offers COD and which site still has that supposedly sold out necklace for grabs.

The Bargain Shopper

Coupon Queen

This breed only resurfaces twice during the year — and no I don’t mean when Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter collections first hit stores. I mean sale season! After all, why pay full price when you can simply snag it during a sale? When not  hoarding discounted steals at Zara, you’ll find them bargaining at Colaba Causeway or its equivalent elsewhere.

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