Kinds Of Dancers We ALL Know! (Which One Are You?!) | POPxo
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Kinds Of Dancers We ALL Know! (Which One Are You?!)

Kinds Of Dancers We ALL Know! (Which One Are You?!)

William W. Purkey once said, “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching”. While some of us quite literally paid heed to these famous words, some of us are still nursing our shaken confidence - all thanks to our two left feet. However, dancing is a lovely form of just letting go and having a swell time. POPxo brings to you the different kinds of dancers we inevitably bump into on a dance floor. Watch the video now!
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1. The Seductive Dancer

Always impeccably dressed, the seductive dancer is the one who brings the fire to the dance floor. This type of a dancer is unapologetically sexy and they really know how to move their bodies. You stare at them because you want to dance with ease and confidence just like them.

2. The Bollywood Fan

This is the happiest type of dancer if there ever was one. They are up to date with all the newest item songs and are also well-versed with songs from the 70s. They know all the steps to all the songs and won’t shy away from showing you how it’s done. Step aside, Hrithik Roshan, we’ve got a new dancer in the house. Also watch: How Some Girls Go Aww About *Everything*!

3. The “I’m The Best Dancer”

No matter how bad they are at shaking a leg, they will still be out there attracting and demanding attention. They could be very good at it too and they will make sure that you notice JUST how awesome they are. Where they get all the confidence from is still a mystery.

4. The Shy One

The shy ones are the most adorable ones too. They are equal parts clumsy and awkward when they try dancing and that makes them the cutest beings on the planet. It takes a lot of coaxing to get them on the dance floor but the shy ones are the ones who generally surprise you. They really can dance well and you wonder why they are so shy about it. Also watch: What You’ll ONLY Get If You Have A Sister!

5. The Johnny Bravo

These are the ones who are the loudest on the dance floor and the most brash too. To be honest, they are the life of the party. They just want to dance and have a good time and want the people around to have a great time too. In the process of trying to get everyone to dance, they come off as a little too clingy and generally end up dancing alone but this really won’t stop them from dancing anyway. So, which one are you?
Published on May 31, 2016
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