Polki, Diamonds Or Kundan: What’s The Right Jewellery For You?

Polki, Diamonds Or Kundan: What’s The Right Jewellery For You?
It’s time for the most awaited part of your bridal shopping. Picking bridal jewellery that not only looks beautiful but is also worth a lot more than just bijouterie. Here is your super helpful and simple guide to understanding the vital differences between types of bridal jewellery that are available so you make an informed decision!

1. Jadau

1 - types of bridal jewellery

It’s a classic combination of meenakari, polki or kundan set in gold that originated in Rajasthan. This is what most brides choose to wear, all thanks to the beautiful carvings from front to the back of the ornament. Jadau also has a significant centre stone which gives it a special character.

Image source: Amethyst by Rahul Popli On Instagram

2. Meenakari

2 types of bridal jewellery

Different types of designs like birds and flowers are carved into a lac stick and then filled with enamels in different colours along with the stones. This looks visually appealing and thus can be worn at indian weddings. Meenakari also forms the base for jadau, kundan and polki jewellery.

Image source: Sunita Shekhawat On Instagram

3. Diamonds

3 types of bridal jewellery

Do we really need to explain what a diamond is? But we can tell you about the different types of cuts available - from a pear-shaped to an emerald-cut or a marquise maybe? Lots to choose from so do explore your options when purchasing a diamond set.

Image Source: Varuna D Jani Jewellery On Instagram

4. Gold

4 types of bridal jewellery

Do we need to say much about this essential bridal element? Most brides prefer gold because of the way it marries bridal outfits and, of course, because gold is everlasting. There are tonnes of gold jewellery that a bride can pick from. From South Indian mango mala or temple jewellery to antique gold jewels along with some gemstones like ruby, emerald etc.

Image source: Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers On Instagram

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5. Pachchikam

5 types of bridal jewellery

This beautiful style of Gujarati jewellery has made a comeback. It’s affordable because all the glass stones or semi-precious stones are set in silver instead of gold to give a similar fragile but crude look. They are also very special because only a few craftsmen are able to make this, perfect for every girl who is looking to truly stand out!

Image source: Wanton Jewellery On Instagram

6. Pearls

6 types of bridal jewellery

Pearls blend well with outfits that have white work on them. From strings to beads, they look amazing when paired with pastels or dark colours. A perfect pick for the cocktail or sangeet ensembles. You can choose from rose-gold coloured ones to ivory-coloured pieces. They look dreamy and gorgeous when combined with diamonds too.

Image source: Farah Khan Jewellery On Instagram

7. Lac

7 types of bridal jewellery

Lacquer jewellery is extremely popular when it comes to bridal bangles. Originally a tribal craft, this is now available in necklaces, earrings etc too. It’s a combination of flower-shaped mirrors, glass beads and wire to create this beautiful and strong jewellery.

Image source: The Bombay Connections On Instagram

8. Polki

8 types of bridal jewellery

Polkis are basically uncut diamonds and thus can be confused with kundan quite often. But polkis are natural diamonds before they are polished to look like the shiny diamonds that adorn your engagement ring. This obviously is much more expensive than kundan.

Image source: Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers On Instagram

9. Silver

9  types of bridal jewellery

Silver jewellery looks graceful and suits the pockets well too. You could also opt for gold-polished silver jewellery to replicate the look of gold jewellery. The traditional looking tribal jewellery can add that tinge of variety in your bridal jewels in various ways - from a simple anklet to toe rings.

Image source: Silverline Jewellery On Instagram

10. Kundan

10 types of bridal jewellery (1)

Kundan is basically jewellery made with glass stones. It could be set in gold or silver to give a look like jadau or polki. With intricate detailing on the back of meenakari and beautiful gems set in front, this is one amazing choice for the bride-to-be in all its finery.

Image source: Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers On Instagram

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