9 Kinda Gross Summer Beauty Problems - Here’s How To Fix Them!

9 Kinda Gross Summer Beauty Problems - Here’s How To Fix Them!
Summertime may mean delicious mangoes and bronzed, sun-kissed skin, but the sweltering heat brings with it a host of embarrassing beauty problems. From boob sweat to frizz to thigh chaffing, we give you some gross summer problems every girl experiences and how to deal with them. Read on to banish those warm weather beauty blues and go on and have some fun in the sun!

Problem #1: Frizzy Lizzy

summer beauty problems

The heat, the humidity the sweat – it all contributes to a cloud of frizz and big hair.

Fix It: Run a lightweight leave-in cream through your damp strands to prevent frizz as it dries. We like BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-in Cream (Rs. 450) as it is designed to keep your hair soft and smooth in spite of hot, humid weather. Also, styling products containing oils and silicone also help control frizz. Don’t wash your hair more than twice or thrice a week to prevent drying out your strands, which causes more frizz.

Problem #2: Shiny Face

By noon, your face has that greasy sheen to it that is a sign that your sebaceous glands are working in overdrive.

Fix It: Make sure you’re using a an oil-free moisturizer and switch your foundation for one that is more lightweight to help keep your face shine-free. Also, use a toner daily to get rid of excess oil and prevent clogged pores. A refreshing facial mist is awesome to carry in your bag, as well as oil-blotting sheets to mop up any greasy situations.

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Problem #3: Boob Sweat

summer beauty problems

You’re sweating from literally everywhere and your T-shirt has the undeniable shape of your soaked bra showing through. Ufff, the embarrassment!

Fix It: A swipe of deo on your underboobs can help your ta-tas feel fresher in the heat. If that’s not enough then strategically placed panty liners in your bra will do the trick. Don’t worry, no one will ever know!

Problem #4: Chaffing

Since most of us mere mortals aren’t blessed with a thigh gap, we’re subjected to that burning sensation that’s caused by friction between the inner thighs - otherwise known as chub-rub!

Fix It: Stay away from tight jeans and skirts. Instead, opt for airy, breezy pants and dresses that give your thighs plenty of room to breath. A little bit of deodorant or baby powder between your thighs can help prevent chaffing. You can also apply some soothing aloe vera gel to the area.

Problem #5: Body Odour

summer beauty problems

You realize that smell isn’t coming from anyone else, it’s you! You’re sick of trying to slyly smell your armpits in public.

Fix It: Sweat is actually odourless - that smell comes from bacteria that live on your skin. Swipe your pits with anti-bacterial wipes, apply an antiperspirant (they can be different from a deo) and remember to down plenty of water as well - it will dilute the scent.

Problem #6: Irritating Bikini Line

Bikini rashes are so common when it’s this hot, especially if you shave down there.

Fix It: Dab some rubbing alcohol on your skin post-shave to kill rash-causing bacteria. Apply aloe vera gel on irritated areas. Another home remedy is boiling chamomile tea: place the bags in the freezer for 10 minutes before placing them on red, irritated spots.

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Problem #7: Sweat Patches

summer beauty problems

You’ve turned into a sweaty Betty and those sweat patches are enough to make you feel like crying with shame.

Fix It: Make sure you’re using an antiperspirant (like Nivea Fresh Anti-Perspirant Roll-On) - they’re more effective than a deo. Also, who said you can only use it on your underarms? A few swipes on troublesome areas like the back of your neck or under your boobs can help prevent those annoying sweat stains. Also, try wearing breezy clothes as much as possible.

Problem #8: Blisters

You bought gorgeous summer sandals, but they’ve left you with painful blisters. Life can be so unfair!

Fix It: Apply Vaseline on spots that are prone to blisters to help them heal and prevent new ones from popping up.

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Problem #9: Melting Makeup

summer beauty problems

Your mascara is giving you raccoon eyes and all that carefully applied foundation starts sliding off because it’s 45 degrees!

Fix It: Invest in waterproof makeup to help keep it all in place during sweaty situations - just remember to take it off at night. A primer to lock your base in place and a hydrating setting spray to ensure you don’t have to worry about it streaking is all you need. There’s a reason why Mac’s Prep + Prime Fix is so widely loved.

Stay, fresh, gorgeous and problem-free all summer long!

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