8 Easy Ways To Make Your Orgasm… BETTER!

8 Easy Ways To Make Your Orgasm… BETTER!
Ladies, we all understand the struggle of reaching the climax, it’s not as easy as some people think! Whether you just can’t seem to get there or simply want to make that great moment even bigger, we’ve got you covered. Here are some awesome but simple tips that guarantee a better orgasm. Every. Single. Time!

1. Get Rid Of Distractions

It’s important to be in the moment, you don’t want to risk being distracted and have it ruin the build-up, especially considering how delicate the moment is. Switch off your phone or leave it in another room and turn off the lights if it makes you more comfortable and less self-conscious.

tips that guarantee a better orgasm

2. Take Matters In Your Own Hands

Don’t just expect him to know exactly what to do and give you an orgasm. Be vocal about what you like or what you want more of - you can even show him by guiding his hands or body. Don’t be shy, guys love it when they can get you off.

3. Make Adjustments

You know how guys take charge and adjust the angle, speed, position, etc to help them get closer to an orgasm. Well, why not do the same? He’ll be more than happy to go with your adjustments.

tips that guarantee a better orgasm

4. Multi-Tasking Works

A combination of things can help turn you on and get you closer to climaxing, rather than sticking to one single move. Like having your neck/breasts stimulated during sex, or going in for some double action by including his hands when he goes down on you. Talk to him and try it all!

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5. Hit The Hot Spots

A position that creates plenty of friction during sex will help you orgasm. That’s why being on top helps, because the top of your clitoris is rubbed. You can also try lying on your back with a pillow below your butt so it rubs against his pubic bone.

tips that guarantee a better orgasm

6. Do Kegels

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor as well as muscles in the vagina, bladder and uterus. There are loads of advantages to doing kegel exercises regularly, but you can say that stronger vaginal muscles lead to bigger and more intense orgasms is all the motivation you need! It’s the ultimate exercise to transform those so-so orgasms to fabulous ones.

7. Delay The Pleasure

Remember that the longer the build-up, the bigger the explosion - so try and delay it as much as you can. Create tension, when you’re getting close back off/slow down and then build it back up. Do this as many times as you can for a more intense payoff in the end.

tips that guarantee a better orgasm

8. Have More Sex!

Believe it or not ladies, but the more sex you have, the better it will get. Orgasm frequency and intensity seem to have a direct relationship. So grab your man and get down and dirty as often as you can - all those future orgasms will be totally worth it!

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