#HeSays: 7 Times Guys Seriously Miss Their Girlfriends!

#HeSays: 7 Times Guys Seriously Miss Their Girlfriends!
If you were expecting to open this to read something very Devdas-like - "Every time we breathe"...then we're really sorry to disappoint. That's a bit too much even for the most filmy guys. And if a guy tells you this - please assume he's making it up a bit (though it’s probably a lie stemming from a good place). Here's the REAL answer.

1. When we're horny

Come on, ladies, don't judge us. Who else are we supposed to miss when when we get aroused?

2. When we're eating alone

Eating alone is just never fun. From stealing fries off your plate to getting introduced to new dishes every time, we miss everything about eating with you. (Also, making fun of you when you can't finish all the stuff you ordered!)

2 when guys miss their girlfriends

3. When you're mad at us

We know we do a lot of stupid shit that makes you mad. But the moment we regret it the most is when you refuse to talk to us because of it! Can't help but miss you then.

4. When we go shopping

Okay, we specifically mean when we go shopping for things for ourselves. We like to have you right there so you can honestly tell us how we would look in things. And we really value your opinion!

4 when guys miss their girlfriends

5. When we see something you would like

That moment when we see something and realize that you would have been jumping with excitement if you were there next to us makes us REALLY miss you.

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6. When we're drunk

This has been proven true way too many times. More than we would like to admit. But, yes, give us a few drinks and we'll be calling or texting you non-stop!

6 when guys miss their girlfriends

7. When we're hanging out with couples

Being a third wheel is never fun, but being a third wheel when you actually have a girlfriend is even worse! And in these situations we get asked about you constantly, so that doesn't help either!

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