girls who can not flirt

10 Things You’ll Get If You’re Just Not Sure How To Flirt!

Neena M.T.

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Are you that one person in your girl gang who has no stories to share about the time that cute guy at the bar smiled at you? And in all your relationships, did it take several months and an upfront confession from the boy for you to even realise that he had been interested in you? Read on, because you might identify with these thoughts of girls who are oblivious to romantic signals!

1. "What are they talking about?"

When your girlfriends complain about men hitting on them, you just have a blank stare because you cannot relate to it at all. But then there are those surreal times when a friend nudges you and whispers how this guy is staring at you and your response is a double take and a confounded - "What guy?"

girls who can not flirt

2. “Why are there no coaching classes on flirting?"

Why oh why aren't there non-creepy classes given on how to read and send romantic signals? Like, seriously? All of those men and women who are excellent at flirting and knowing when the other party is interested, please take up this business idea.

3. “Making 'eye contact' is like climbing the Everest.”

It annoys you endlessly when most people casually recommend 'making eye contact' to flirt with a man. Because to you, it feels like a complicated procedure requiring mental strength and months of preparation.

girls who can not flirt

4. "Nah, he just thinks of me as a friend."

As someone obtuse in the non-verbal lingo of romance, there's always a danger that you have friendzoned a man without even knowing he was interested. You mistook his frequent calls and texts as a result of sincere friendship or sheer boredom, and he, in turn, read your lack of romantic overture has filing him away in the friend box. Talk about missed connections.

5. "The radar is broken."

When the man in the theatre queue asked you for the time, you smiled politely and answered and got back to your life. Your friend insists he was flirting with you and you refuse to believe it - he just genuinely wanted to know the time. Didn't he?

girls who can not flirt

6. "Online dating will be a disaster."

Even more than 'real life', online dating requires a lot of unspoken communication to deduce feelings and level of interest. For someone who cannot detect these interests, online dating feels like a stressful endeavour where you don't know if the guy wants to be kissed or order another round of drinks.

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7. "No shit, I did not know I was the third wheel."

The problem with being a girl who cannot detect romantic signals is that you are usually the last one to know that two other people you know are dating. Have you seen two colleagues having lunch together, joined them all cheery and casual, and found out months later that they were a couple who had just started to date? And what does that make you - an oblivious third wheel.

girls who can not flirt

8. "It's tough to act on crushes."

When you finally, finally like someone, you still don't know what to do about it. Even after weeks of constant, conscious scrutiny, you can't tell if the guy would be interested in being asked out.

9. "I shall be dancing alone - and I love it."

When you go out dancing with your girlfriends, most of them end up dancing with other men in the bar. And you have long resigned yourself to the fact that you will be the one dancing like a maniac with your eyes closed. And guess what - it is fun to just think of your own fun.

girls who can not flirt

10. "I am going to be single for the rest of my life."

But then, it's not unusual for a girl with zero skills in understanding romantic signals to worry that she will be single for the rest of her life - but chins up! Because there will be that no-nonsense guy who thinks you are amazing and finds your cluelessness cute and will tell you upfront that he likes you… Right?

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Published on May 05, 2016
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