16 Thoughts We Have When Men Stare At Us (Just Stop!)

16 Thoughts We Have When Men Stare At Us (Just Stop!)
It’s a universal truth - men like to stare at women. And when we stare back, they take it as a challenge and move into “stare-off” mode. If any guy has ever stared at you so hard that you felt beyond uncomfortable, then you’ve probably had the same thoughts as mentioned below.

1. What’s on my face?

Is there something on my face? No, it can’t be. Some one would have told me otherwise.

2. Double check!

But what if there is something on my face? Has my make-up created some disaster on my face? *Peeks into front facing camera*. Sigh, okay, all good, all clear.

2 when men stare

3. Why is he still staring?

Look away you creepy man!

4. Too much skin?

Am I wearing clothes that reveal too much? No, this is a plain, simple kurti. All parts of my body are covered. Such a pervert.

4 when men stare

5. So, why then?

I must be either really good to look at or extremely ugly to warrant so much staring.

6. Yes, this has to be it.

It’s my hair, I know it. I’m going to blame it on the bad hair day.

6 when men stare

7. Two can play a game.

I’m going to stare back at him till he surrenders and lowers his gaze.

8. Okay, maybe not.

Can’t do that either because he will think I’m into him. Why, god, why?!

8 when men stare

9. Those sick eyes...

God, I can feel negativity seeping into my body through those disgusting eyes of his.

10. Really, what joy does he get by just staring?

Like, dude! Were you never, ever in your life taught any manners whatsoever?

10 when men stare

11. God, how I would absolutely love to gouge his eyes out.

Go, full force “Dothraki” on his a**. No mercy.

12. I wish this would stop.

I wish I could put a stop to this whole injustice forced upon women everywhere. Women don’t stare at men like they are a whole new species.

12 when men stare

13. Can’t I just get out of my house without being stared at?

I don’t even know you. I have done nothing wrong to you. I am not NAKED.

14. Stop staring please.


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15. Okay, time for confrontation

And to make a huge scene.

16. Showtime!

Grab some popcorn.

16 when men stare

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