14 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Looove Stationery!

14 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Looove Stationery!

There are two types of people in this world - one type who look at stationary as a commodity and the other, a necessity. If you fall under the latter, only you will know that nothing makes you happier than owning a whole new bunch of cute stationery. The more you have, the more you want. Here are 14 things you’ll get if you love stationery. (It’s an obsession you’re proud of!)

1. You have a collection of fancy erasers that you’ve never used even once!

Can’t help it! They’re too cute to use. love stationery 1 Images: hnstevens2 & swesudd

2. Whenever you walk into class or work, people look at you as if you’re a stationery bank.

You also make sure that they’re just borrowing. Your babies mean the world to you!

3. You can spend hours and hours admiring your stationery collection.

Not to forget that you LOVE to arrange and organize them on replay. love stationery 3 Image: paulacarvalhobarros

4. Colourful pens and freshly sharpened pencils give you a high!

A happy one to be precise.

5. You own a bunch of artsy notebooks that you will never use in this lifetime.

Not to forget, the first page always has your best handwriting on it. love stationery 5 Image: shenyee04

6. Nothing makes you happier than showing off your collection of stickers!

It’s a prized possession, of course! BannerPink 500px  

7. You need a new pencil pouch every month!

Because one is never enough. You’re still struggling to find the perfect one. love stationery 7 Image: pixaim.acessorios

8. When you walk into a stationery store, it’s like taking a kid to a candy shop!

Much cute. Such wow.

9. Your besties don’t need to worry about what to get you for your birthday, because they already know it’s stationery!

They’re the bestest! love stationery 9

10. Your crayons and sketch pens have to be perfectly arranged by colour, name and shade.

If one is lost, spoilt or misplaced, all hell breaks loose for you.

11. You don’t use just pencils to underline important texts in notebooks. You have mega cool highlighters to do the job for you!

Your work always looks like art made by unicorns. It’s so colourful and neat! love stationery 11

12. You own more bookmarks than actual books!


13. Be it exams or the first day at school, you always make sure that your pencil pouch is loaded.

Even if you use just ONE pen from the lot. love stationery 13

14. You don’t have the heart to throw them away once the ink or pages are over and done.

You will keep them with you for eternity! Images: Shutterstock, Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 10 Things You’ll Get If You Show Your Emotions TOO Easily! MUST-READ: 10 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’ve Just Moved To Delhi!