11 Things You'll Get If You're The Shy One In Your Relationship

11 Things You'll Get If You're The Shy One In Your Relationship
It is commonly believed that opposites attract. So, if you’re an introvert or a shy person, chances are that your significant other won’t be one to keep to himself. Fret not, ladies. This one won’t be a raw deal, after all. Read on to find out what happens if you’re the shy one in your relationship…

1. He’ll Be The Attention Seeker In The Relationship

He takes up his share, and yours, as far as attention from others goes. The super friendly, talkative ones get that a lot, don’t they? So be prepared for him to be in the limelight.

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2. The Last Word In A Fight Will Be His

This will be a tad bit frustrating. You might feel that you’re right, but it’ll seem otherwise, since he will most definitely have the last word in your arguments.

3. You’ll Have To Talk More Than You’d Have Liked To!

Making conversation is not your forte, we get that. However, sometimes you may feel pressurized into matching his energy and talking more than you normally would.

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4. The ‘You never tell me anything about yourself’ fight will be a regular thing

That’s a given. He’s bound to get upset at times when he feels he shares everything with you, and you just do not seem to have enough steady conversations with him.

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5. Eventually, He’ll Come Around

Not to worry – he’ll be more than understanding, ladies.

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6. You’ll Be The ‘Good Listener’

Even without much effort from your end, you will be complemented from time to time for being a great listener. Oh, you sweet thing!

7. He Balances It All Out

You never mind him being the talkative, extrovert kind, because in heart of hearts you know he makes up for your quiet behavior. Win-win situation!

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8. You Get Awkward When You Have To Meet His Friends

You finally opened up to your own, after all these years, and now you have his gang to deal with? Phew!

9. And It Gets Worse When You Have To Be Around His Family

Well, the last subhead – multiply that awkward feeling by 10!

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10. He’s Your Saviour In Social Situations

He’s great to have in your life because the next time you, shy girl, go to a party where you barely know anyone, he shall come to your rescue!

11. You’re Definitely Weird About PDA

Need we elaborate on this one?

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